Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alergy Warning on CK Decorating Sugars and a Request for Hy-Vee

I wish I'd noticed it before I bought them, but yet again, something I never imagined would have nut warnings, did. This caused me to check the other sugars in the cabinet which were thankfully, labeled, "nut-free, peanut-free."

While I'm on the subject, may I issue a sort of general request to supermarkets that feel they have to display a huge (and I mean, huge) stand of loose peanuts directly at the entrance to the store? Yes, I'm speaking to you Hy-Vee on Center Street in Omaha. I mean, I can avoid the corner of the produce department where this stuff typically lurks, but we all have to enter through the same set of doors, and frankly, severely allergic people don't exactly get a sense of welcome when the potentially deadly nuts are there as a greeting committee. I've stopped weighing my produce because of the shared scales, and I wouldn't dream of letting Danny ride in a cart-but really, what am I to do? Have him hold his breath as we enter? I've started shopping at Cass Street because of this peanut display arrangement. I don't expect preferential treatment, and we don't dine out because I wouldn't expect a kitchen to accommodate us. Hell, I home school my child-it isn't like I'm forcing someone's child to forgo a PBJ or classroom cupcakes. So really, all I'm asking, is to move the peanuts someplace we can reasonably avoid them. I can avoid restaurants and school cafeterias, but unfortunately, I still have to shop for groceries as do all the other nut-allergic people.

As for you asswipes that walk through the store munching the (unpaid for) peanuts and leaving the shells on shelves, or in lemon displays-get some damn manners.

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