Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cheese Potatoes

Well, "cheese flavouring" anyway. I used some of a packet that comes with the store brand macaroni and cheese. I use it on popcorn, Chex-Mix, and pretty much everything except macaroni. A packet lasts a very long time as you only need a sprinkle. I try to stock-up when the boxes are on sale for .19 cents. It works well as a topping for mash as well.

So, these potatoes. They were first boiled, then sliced, then slowly cooked in a pan with olive oil and a sprinkling of the cheese powder. That's it. Have some left-over boiled potatoes? I doubt anyone will turn their nose up at these-and if they do, that's more for you.

The original idea for cooking already boiled potatoes in a pan with oil came from a post at The Cottage Smallholder, and they have since become known in our home as, "Smallholder Potatoes", though I take credit for the vulgar addition of powdered cheese. As Mr. ETB pointed out recently, "Our lives are so much better because of that blog." Quite true, and I have a shelf of green tomato chutney to back up the statement.

I have some small, waxy yellow potatoes I bought today that will probably get a similar treatment.

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