Sunday, February 06, 2011

I Wear The Awful Trends...So You Don't Have To

Sears is having another clearance sale, so I bought the boots I liked at 70.00 for 17.00. There's still plenty of winter left to wear them.

I came home with three dresses-this was the most interesting one. My mother had something like this, in 1970.

The bracelets. Danny loves them (he's been reading the Iliad) and I sort of like them as well...but I do feel a little Wonder Woman-ish wearing them.

Not pictured:

Patent leather, high heeled Mary Janes. Mr. ETB said I shouldn't wear them to the library because of all the elderly men who try to flirt with me. "They're not all pensioners" I reminded him-and proceeded to purchase the shoes.

A pink and grey stripped sweater-dress.

A black sweater dress.

Anyhoo, I bought new clothing at thrift store prices. I'm not being compensated by Sears for telling you to, get over there immediately. Really, I couldn't believe how much clothing I came home with for so little money. Mr. ETB came home with a 10.00 pair of Dockers.

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