Friday, February 25, 2011

Vintage Cake Carrier

If you like this, you should see the pressed glass relish dish I'm using for the picked beets and eggs tonight.

Yes, I am an old lady. Now get the hell off my lawn!


Raymond said...

What a beauty! It reminds me of an old Airstream trailer. ("Land Yacht" ! I love that term.)

And BTW, pickled beets = heaven. Any herring to go with it?

Goody said...

We had smoked herring (kiddo won't eat the pickled kind) that I bought for .48 cents a tin. I stocked-up. I'm a little obsessive when it comes to sardines and herring.

We had a big kasha/mushrooms/sour cream dinner-so the beets and pickled eggs just seemed logical.

We've seriously considered an old trailer for a backyard library/classroom to handle the overflow of books and art projects.

Raymond said...

OMFG... I wish I were there for that meal of kasha, beets, etc. Perfect!

My grandma had an old trailer in their backyard in San Francisco. (They moved it in there in about the late '40s when there was still access from some direction or other; before the neighborhood was built up. I have no idea how later owners would have removed it.) My twin uncles lived in it. I loved it!

Raymond said...

Oh, and PS: I just had two slices of the fruitcake you sent with some tea. I still have about half of it. It's so rich, even sweets-glutton me can't handle a lot of it at once. Delish tho!