Tuesday, February 01, 2011

...And For My Next Trick

...multi-citrus marmalade with bitters.

At Raymond's urging, I scoured my cabinets and found a bottle of bitters I swear we still had when we lived in Boston ten years ago. It is still unopened, so I guess it is good.

I prepared the peels today, and they will soften overnight. I have lemon, grapefruit, Cara Cara oranges, Moro oranges, and Navel oranges. I thought about lime, but decided that would be overkill, though I could see bitters being really good with a plain lime marmalade. Really, I just want some damn Seville oranges. Mr. ETB offered to move us to Spain, but not being able to speak Spanish would be inconvenient. Yeah, there's Gibraltar, but still. I really am carrying on about the oranges, but I like Seville orange marmalade. Anyway, we'll give the bitters a try, and see what a few dashes of gentian root does for marmalade. I like Moxie soda, which is made with gentian, but I don't think I'd like Moxie and orange juice. Eh, whatever.

I'm down to my last few oranges, but we're still in good supply as far as grapefruit and lemons. I can't think of a better way to spend a sub-zero day (they were calling for some ungodly temperature tomorrow) than standing over bubbling pots of sugar and citrus.

I'll be back with updates after it sets.

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