Saturday, May 28, 2011


Last year, the apricot harvest from California was terrible, and they were so expensive I didn't make any jams. I felt bad, as that's Danny's favourite, but six dollars a pound for spotted, rotted fruit is a waste.

I'm happy to see this year's harvest is better, and while still a bit on the pricey side, I was able to afford four pounds to turn into jam. A few may have disappeared from the counter when I had my back turned, but I understand. Mama understands. I've always been partial to plums myself.

I looked through my collection of cookbooks for something different by way of an apricot jam recipe, and concluded simplicity is probably best. I don't doubt the apricot/raspberry combination can be nice, or splashes of various cordials. Ultimately, a six year old will be the only one to eat it, and while apricots, lemon juice and sugar sounds a little dull to me, I think it will be exactly what he wants. Children like predictability in things, and if you can't be predictable and reliable with the apricot jam, how can they trust you with other important tasks like haircuts, and assuring them that knee socks and Bermuda shorts are actually fashionable (They are! Stop making faces). With an oxford shirt and an argyle vest...and loafers. What do you want me to dress him in, a Huskers jersey?

So that's my big plan for the holiday weekend-canning apricots and tending the garden. I couldn't ask for a better way to spend a long weekend.

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