Sunday, May 22, 2011

Borlotto Beans, etc.

Something is devouring the leaves off of my Borlotto beans. I can't find the actual insects, or caterpillars, but I'm very nearly left with bare stalks. I staggered the planting, so it is possible they will move on before the next rows emerge, but I am not pleased. The Fava beans which are next in the row are completely untouched and flowering well. Go figure.

Escarole is nearly ready to harvest. I clipped a large amount of spinach over the past few days, and I have Lima beans, purple beans, and peppers up next in the rotation. The nasturtiums are doing well, as are the peas. The failures seem to be the plants that came from the nursery. The aubergine, cherry tomato, and curry plant all look terrible. Blighted almost as the leaves are turning white. The Asters I bought all died. The pansy and petunia are holding on for dear life. This annoys me, as I rarely purchase plants preferring to work from seeds.

Tomorrow, the seedling snapdragons, columbines, and Canterbury bells go in. I really hope we're through with all the 60 mph winds and hail.

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