Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Grapes Set, and other garden stuff

Three years ago, when I planted the Concord grape vines, I didn't expect much. Year after year, the beautiful leaves unfurled, but we never had any grapes-until now. The tiniest pebbles have begun to form in clusters on the canes. I was afraid I might have gotten carried away with the pruning, but I see now that was probably best.

I am so excited. October seems a long way off, but I'm looking forward to canning my own grapes for jelly this year.

In other garden news-the escarole is growing like mad, as are the peas. We've had an unusual stretch of cold weather, and it really seems to have benefited the peas and lettuces. My spinach is growing amazingly well (from a ten cent packet) and we've been enjoying salads fresh from the garden each evening. The rocket that grew on my windowsill all winter took to transplanting in a raised bed well, and is still giving me enough to fill a bowl once a week.

The Four O Clocks and moon flowers are up by the porch, and will hopefully start trellising. They're directly behind the rose bushes on either side of the west-facing porch, and my hope is that they will enhance my summer evening ritual of sitting on my rocking chair, lemonade in hand watching the sunset. No, as a matter of fact I don't drink my lemonade from a Ball Jar, but thanks for asking.

Now I need to find out who has been nibbling the tips off the leaves of my bay laurel. I suspect cats, as it is only the very tips of the leaves on lower branches. I try "shooing" them out of the yard when I see them, but they've become bold and no longer take to, "shooing." They sit there instead, gazing at me, wondering why I'm trying to chase them off the delightful outdoor litter box they've discovered (that would be my raised bed).

Finally, the potatoes. I had no idea if they would work in our soil, and I suppose I won't know until it is time to harvest, but the tops are green, healthy and look promising.

If the weather cooperates (if it stops pouring rain every five minutes) the lima beans, bush beans, and watermelons will go in this weekend.

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