Sunday, May 15, 2011


Nearly nine years since my last haircut that wasn't a self-inflicted chopping with a pair of office scissors-I caved and had a $14.00 trim. The professional cut looks exactly the same as the haircuts I give myself, save for the back is now a bit better shaped. I'm just pleased to have escaped without a series of absurd looking choppy layers in the back, which is the popular look in these parts.

In the course of conversation, I let slip to the hairdresser that I rarely get out by myself because we live in the country and don't have anyone to babysit. This seemed shocking to her, that in six years we've never hired a sitter or had anyone watch Danny for us. I guess I never thought about it. I suppose, were we younger it might seem like having a child along was a burden, but since we were practically elderly when we became parents, we'd pretty much had enough of each other's company by that point. That said, it was nice going out for a haircut. I might do that again in another nine years or so. I'm still going to cut Danny's hair at home because he wears a pageboy and let's face it, any idiot can do that haircut.

I still haven't coloured my hair. I used to give it the whole peroxide bit when I was young, but I got tired of having my scalp burn, so I stopped. I'm about 50% grey now, but it is evenly distributed. I'm not swearing I won't cave and dye it some hideous colour, but for now I'm resisting the urge.

I still can't get over the fact that I paid $14.00 dollars to have someone trim the back of my hair. Yikes. I don't want to know what an actual style with wash and blow-dry would cost. I tipped 20% but got a funny look from the hairdresser. Does anyone know what the going rate for tipping hairdressers is these days? I thought that was kind of generous for a $14.00 cut that didn't involve anything other than cutting, but I admit I don't get out as much as I used to.

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