Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Swear I've Been Cooking

I have been pretty neglectful with photographing and posting recipes of late. As the semester winds down, and the garden takes more and more time, I'm essentially cooking large batches of food to be reheated a few days at a time. I did bake a jelly roll on Friday, which I opted for as it took all of seven minutes in the oven to bake. The boys were still awfully impressed. What is it about rolled-up food that seems to turn the most mundane ingredients into something notable? That would make an interesting research paper.

Anyway, please accept my apologies. I really do appreciate people taking time to come here, and I feel a bit embarrassed when I don't have anything save for some cookies bearing the likeness of larval stage insects.

I have the most beautiful aubergine sitting on the counter. I swear, I've never seen such a perfect example of the fruit (yes, it is a fruit-it has seeds) and I really feel pressured to do something spectacular with it. I had a curry planned for tomorrow but that somehow feels wrong. The thing must weigh three pounds, I could probably make a couple of dishes from it.

By the way, I've only recently heard aubergine called, "The Brown Jolly", but I find it so wonderful because of all the really awful things it brings to mind. Brilliant. Anyone know where that comes from? It sounds like something that happens, after the aubergine curry.

See? You're wishing I wouldn't post more often, aren't you?

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