Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy (Belated) Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week

Damnit, you know how I hate to miss an, "awareness" week. Danny has given the ash trees a thorough looking over, and to celebrate the absence of Emerald Ash Borer in Nebraska (so far) or at least in our yard, we baked some cookies.
Cute, eh? Oh, I know what you're thinking...yeah, I did the larva as well.

I can't help thinking these would have turned out better if I could find my decorating tips. I used plastic bags with the corner cut off which worked, but kind of lacks the detail I would have preferred.


Janice said...

And this is exactly why I read and enjoy your blog. I am pretty sure no one else made emerald ash borer cookies in the blogosphere. Excellent!

Goody said...

Thanks ;)

I can't wait to see the google searches bringing people here.

Raymond said...

I would have loved to have these about six years ago when I had cut down my (white) ash tree outta my front yard; it was dying, and an arborist pointed to the bore holes by some kind of bug probably related to these.

Wait... I just Googled White Ash. Hm.. maybe I've forgotten which tree I had, becuz it doesn't look like that. Ahhhhh. whatever... but still, these cookies are fabulous!

Goody said...

Our idea of an arborist in these parts is getting a neighbour with a chain saw to come over and take out the tree.If they're really good at it they can chain the stump to a tractor and pull the whole damn thing out of the ground. We lost quite a few during the tornado, and people just kind of showed up with chainsaws. It was awesome.

Raymond said...

I called a couple tree cutter-downer companies; one was a very 'white' company with a pro arborist (and another arborist from the City; the tree had a bit of misteltoe in it, and the city has a pgm to cut down trees at a major discount if they have mistletoe). The other company was more blue-collar; I hired them, and Javier and his crew arrived with their chainsaws and expertly climbed up (no cherry picker!), tied off limbs and took the whole thing down limb by limb. Impressive. And they left me big chunks for firewood.

Will you make cookies for the Rapture on Saturday?!

Goody said...

*nods approval*

Hey, you know what? Kate Beaton (Hark A Vagrant in the sidebar) is taking a blog break to work on her book and won't be back until the 22nd. You realise, if the world ends on the 21st we're going to get screwed out of her latest comic. Of course, we'll get to take all the stuff from the people that get raptured, so I guess that's cool. But really, she should come back and give us a comic before then...just in case.

I call first on any chainsaws!

In the words of my kid, "That's just a big old bag of religion."
-and no, I didn't teach him that.

Raymond said...

I call dibs on all the abandoned churches (and all the real estate and pricey artworks therein) after all those churchy folks ascend.

On Facebook, people can create "events" for any FB user to click on and say they'll attend. Some clever people created events for a "Post-Rapture Party" and "Post-Rapture Looting." tee-hee! I clicked "attend" on both of them; they're currently very popular on FB.

Raymond said...

...oh, and RE Danny's comment, he sounds just like me at that age. By about age 7, I had already thought about it all and declared myself a non-believer, that all that 'god' stuff was complete baloney. Danny's definitely my kinda' people.

Goody said...

That's pretty funny. Still swearing off social media myself, but I have to admit, Facebook is a fine way of organising people.

Speaking of priceless artwork in churches...

There was a story in the news here a few years back about a guy who stole some priceless work of art from the cathedral to...wait for for an abortion for the young girl he'd been molesting.

If that ain't John Waters territory, nothing is.

Goody said...

-not because molestation is funny of course. Stealing artwork from a church to pay for the abortion is though.

Raymond said...

That's brilliant!

BTW, last year I heard John Waters lecture - he toured in support of his latest book. However, the interviewer was a complete idiot; didn't 'get' John Waters at ALL and asked completely off the mark inane questions. That's Sacramento for you. At the end, the audience asked much more relevant questions.

Oh, and my brother once (at least) stole stuff out of the church up the street. Candelabra & such. He put them into the fort he built down at the creek we lived next to. (BTW, he OD'd & died about 15 years ago.)

Goody said...

Oh god, that's awful. I had no idea. What a shitty way to die.

Hey, we walked in the house right around 6:30, and I shit you not, the weather radio goes off with a tornado warning. Good thing I'm not the religious sort or that would have freaked me out but good! Still here, guess we're not among the elect.