Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Thanks A Lot, Amy Goodman

Democracy Now is doing two hour broadcasts during the conventions, so I let Danny listen during lunch. In a segment about PACs the guest mentions Planned Parenthood is handing out condoms that read, "Protect yourself from Romney and Ryan."

"I don't get it. What's a condom?"

I tried to explain it as something that can prevent pregnancy or the spread of venereal disease.

"But how does it work?"

I remembered being about his age (seven) and posing a similar question to the shampoo girl at my mother's beauty parlour. I tried to remember Poppy's response, but I think she kind of shrieked with laughter, and told me to ask my mother.

So I got all matter-of-fact and explained it to him, though I thought about shrieking with laughter, and telling him to write Amy Goodman and have her explain it. But she would have gotten all matter-of-fact about it too, so it came down to a balloon to catch sperm. That was the best I could do, considering I was expecting to answer questions about wage inequality, undocumented workers, and political fundraising-I wasn't expecting condoms. But that's fine, better he hears it from me than some political action committee.

" But they're going to give them rights, aren't they?" Danny wanted to know?
"Sperm. If the fetuses get rights, then the sperm are going to get them too, aren't they?"

So I guess we know which Monty Python bit Danny will be hearing tomorrow.

Thanks a lot, Amy Goodman.

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