Sunday, May 03, 2015

Caftan Sunday

 Well, that was a quick weekend! I've barely had a chance to catch my breath, and soon another week will commence. We have some storms headed into our area tonight, and through the rest of the week, so I'm holding off planting my tomatoes and peppers.

 Danny bought some petunias to tempt the hummingbirds (they like tubular shaped flowers) so hopefully I'll be able to get them in pots soon.
This late 60's/early 70's caftan is really closer to a robe. I wouldn't wear it away from home as a dress, but I often wear it as a duster-type coat. The silky crepe-like material is light and comfortable.

Mode O' Day ("Styled in California") Caftan/Robe-Thrift World .98 cents
Sandals-Can't remember, probably Shop-Ko

I Spotted this lovely lady at the library in Millard.

 She's made of paper mache, and the butterflies are painted Plexiglas.
I tried a similar trick, but when I opened my book all that flew out was someone's hairs. Ewww. I'd prefer butterflies.
The air is so warm and moist at the moment, I don't know how it hasn't started raining. I still had to wear something over the sleeveless jumpsuit though, as air-conditioning season is in full swing, and I could catch my death from cold in the library. We're talking hypothermia cold. As soon as I got outside, the kimono came off. I expect this routine to continue until around October.
This plant in the lobby of the library is really suffering. I'm tempted to bring a stake and twine with me next visit, and deal with it myself. Some water wouldn't hurt either. Perhaps it is lonely, stuck in the corner by the toilets. They have a programme where children can read to dogs (because dogs will sit there and listen) maybe we can get some children to read to the plant-you're supposed to talk to plants, right?
 I found a quandary. What happens if I stand between the posts? What am I permitted to do (or not do) at the middle?
 You see...
This is quite a problem, particularly if the wind is blowing.

Could a smoker and non-smoker stand together in the centre without being scolded? Life is so complicated!

Outfit Particulars:

Jumpsuit-K Mart (couple years ago)
Vintage kimono-Hand-Me-Ups
Macrame bag-Goodwill
Earrings-K Mart
Shoes-K Mart
Fragrance-Jardins de Bagatelle

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want my name and picture on a cookbook called, "Dump Cakes and More." There's also a companion volume titled, "Dump Dinners."

I hope everyone has a great week.


Bibi said...

Metallic jeweled sandals!!!!
My fashion staple!!!
Remember the 70's when metallic sandals were only something old ladies wore?
I'm an old lady now BUT skim through Vogue, Elle, Cosmo now & metallic sandals are HIP!
I really like hot pink on you with the pink lippy.
I have that same caftan in a saffron orange, goldenrod & avocado green scheme. I think I bought it in Abu Dhabi- despite the Arab preference for things 'luxe' they seem to appreciate the practicality of polyester crepe.

Mim said...

Dump dinners? That sounds... unappetising.

That poor plant looks as though it's really suffering.

Curtise said...

I adore the colours of your kaftan/housecoat, and what a wonderful print. And you're rocking the jumpsuit!
Dump Cakes and/or Dinners? Err, I'll pass. Ha! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

That pretty caftan is similar to the one I keep in the foyer closet as a cover-up. Can't wear my nighty when gliding forth at dawn to refill the bird feeders (front yard) and community cat bowls (back 40). It's depressing to see what some of my neighbors DO wear when collecting the mail!

A chic kimono and handsome jewelry over black separates would also, alas, appear dressy at the local library. The unofficial uniform appears to be huge athletic shoes, too-tight jeans, and a too-big sweat or tee top. No make-up and no jewelry,unless one counts tatoos and jewelled cell phones stuffed in a back pocket or down the bra.

Can't help myself, used to write ad copy: "Dive into a delicious dump cake!" Do they involve the innovative usage of hamburger helpers?

Goody said...

It is only old lady if you have a matching jeweled handbag (which I do, and I'll bet you do too!). Kids, what do they know about style?

@ Mim
I know, I really should go rescue that plant. I suspect they'd be relieved someone else would deal with it.

"All-in-one" would sound so much better. Or casserole-what's wrong with casserole?!

@Beth Waltz
That sounds like our local uniform as well. Those tight jeans with all the crap on the back pockets have become a nuisance at our State Capitol building as the benches are wood, and all that "butt bling" is scraping the hell out of the finish. It got so bad they asked visiting school groups to avoid wearing them, or not sit on the benches.

I've never eaten, "Happy Hand" (my niece's name for Hamburger Helper) but I must admit I'm intrigued by it. I should try it with soya substitute, just for fun. I would think you could make a dump dinner from it.