Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week

I made these a few years ago to celebrate:
 And of course I made the larval stage as well.
We don't have them in Nebraska yet but Iowa does, and it is only a matter of time. The advice is to hold off treating your trees until they are here, but they're so close now I don't know what I'd do if I had an ash tree. The loss in Illinois was devastating. Anyway, when I feel helpless in the face of something awful I tend to bake-have a cookie. Then, see if it is time to treat your trees.

In other news:
I wore my beaded rayon 40's dress. I've had it for years, but I rarely wear it. It isn't the most flattering thing I own, but it is too nice to get rid of.

I thought a new venue might be interesting so, welcome to my kitchen. 
I hate that floor too. On a positive note, it doesn't show much dirt.
"Hey. The boss needs his payment. In cash, or vintage fedoras."
That's his papa's tie, and yeah I don't know what's going on with the knot either.
The beading is beautiful, but damn near impossible to photograph in any light. This was the closest I could get to a decent photo, but trust me, the beading is lovely.
I added the tiny rhinestone pin to cover a hole that would be too obvious to repair. I bought this dress more than twenty years ago at a long-gone shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I love it, but rarely wear it as the cut isn't flattering on my body. I'm sure it had shoulder pads of some sort originally, and I really ought to replace them. I suspect that would go a long way to making it more wearable. On the other hand, if I made it wearable, it wouldn't be in such good condition. Loving vintage is a difficult thing.

Outfit Particulars:

Danny: Shirt and trousers-K Mart
Tie-God only knows where his papa found it.


1940's beaded rayon crepe dress-Vintage shop, long gone
Vintage Naturalizer pumps-Thrift World\
Vintage navy handbag-Goodwill
Flower on handbag-Tiff and Tam
Sara Coventry vintage clip earrings-Antique shop in rural Wisconsin
Cloisonne bracelet-Goodwill
Lippy-Revlon vintage re-issue 1940's Icy Violet (not for me, at all).
Fragrance-Lentheric, Tweed
 I don't know why I look so sad. I promise, I'm not!
Geez, I look like my pet died or something. Not to worry though, Blondin and brood are all well. 

 We got out today for errands, and it was freezing. I needed my wool coat for heaven's sake. Last evening I was able to get in a good, long walk but made it home just as the weather was turning for the worse. I don't feel like myself if I don't get in a good walk at least a few times a week, and of late the rain has been most uncooperative. A little rain I can deal with, downpours accompanied by floods are quite another. At this rate I may need to join up with the elderly "Mall walkers" that do the indoors walk before the stores open. Who am I kidding-those, "Elderly" persons could beat me in a race, easily.

So keep your eyes peeled for Emerald Ash Borers. Next up, Brood IV Cicadas (in Nebraska anyway). That's going to be loads of fun!


Bibi said...

Love that dress. Love anything with jewels or glass beading, sequins are a fave too.
Danny & you sort of match, both in colors & era.
Any sort of brown, violet, lavender, & copper lippies look horrid on me also.
That Emerald ash borer looks kind of pretty- like he'd make a nice brooch. Glue a safety pin & a few swarovski crystals on him & I'd buy it.
Massive thunderboomers here all last night. Knocked out our cable satellite & electricity. It's supposed to be a sizzlin' 93F & 70% humidity today. YUK.

Beth Waltz said...

Odd though it sounds, I do know the rustling noise that rayon dress would make when its wearer is slipping into a mink coat. It wants a bonnet hat with a jeweled band and net -- oh, and dark seamed stockings. Fragrance by Weil, do you think? One's escort would wear a vicuna topcoat and a Homburg.

Dunno about the ash borer awareness cookies, 'tho. Bibi has a point. Perhaps if we gave them a fancy name (dung beetles are called scarabs) we could start a fad for jeweled bugs.

Sue said...

You blow me away with the clothes you have kept over the years and can still fit!! I WISH!! I have one out fit from my past that I have kept that is proof that I was once small. But that is it. You are so right about the beading being gorgeous! Tell Danny he looks very smart and quite grown up in his hat and tie.

Goody said...


That sounds awful-the humidity in particular. We don't get that sort of combo until July.

@Beth Waltz
If only I had someplace smart to go!
Other than the supermarket.

I have clothes in a wide range of sizes-believe me! This dress really ought to hang on my hips, but instead I've hiked it up a bit with a belt because "drop waist" refers to the dress style, not the fact that my guts now sag to my hips!

Curtise said...

That dress is amazing, the beading is beautiful. I don't think it's unflattering, you look very chic and elegant actually. And Danny is as dapper as can be!
Chuckling at Bibi's comment about turning the ash borer into a brooch! xxx