Sunday, May 10, 2015

Show and Tell

Still doing the blue and orange thing.
I never attended a school that did, "Show and Tell" where students would bring in an item and talk about it. In hindsight, that was probably wise on the part of the school as I can imagine the sorts of things children in my neighbourhood would have brought. All these years later though, this blog is a way of experiencing Show and Tell-so let me show you some stuff, and tell you about it.

First up-another box bag. To my eye this looks mid-70's, when all the Holly Hobby crap stuff was in full swing. In the US anyway, "Country-fied" items had a moment about then, and it was all calico prints, musk cologne and hush puppies served with apple butter. Thankfully, it was short lived, and forty years later I can pick up a nightmare of a patchwork bag for a song. I might wear it (once) but I see this as a sewing box.
Next, a trio of inexpensive earrings. I didn't rub the top pair too hard, but I'm fairly certain they're Bakelite. In the 80's I wore gigantic earrings and stretched out the piercings in my ears a bit. This makes it difficult for me to wear screw-back earrings as they tend to end up going in the hole, but if I'm careful and put them on just to the side of the piercings, I can wear them. Hey kids, learn from my mistakes with gigantic, forget it. Kids don't listen.
OK all you art history students out there (Or Classical Studies) what the hell is this brooch supposed to be? To me, it looks Greek/Bronze age Cyclades. It is stamped, "FM" and appears to be hand-crafted rather than mass produced. My guess is that the artist was modelling it on something, but I'll be damned if I know what. I don't get Celtic from it, or Egyptian but I could be wrong. It is quite heavy, and well made. $1.99 Goodwill.
The horse is missing two pearls, but that's easily repaired. These pins are all very tiny, and all came from Hand-Me-Ups. Poodles were .99 cents. The others, $2.99
I almost felt guilty buying this for .99 cents. This 1957 Hermes scarf is massive, in perfect condition, and is probably the best thing I've ever found in a thrift store in terms of value. It depicts Phaeton (the original bad teenage driver).
 "Yeah? Well what does my old man know anyway? I know what I'm doing..."
I noticed the hand-rolled edge of the scarf before opening it up and seeing it was Hermes. Danny is a scarf collector (he's been buying them with the intention of setting up shop doing designer scarves exclusively) but he wasn't the one to spot and buy this, and much as I love him he has to get out there and find his own Hermes. I'm not so enchanted by the expensive label as I am by the mythology print, and I do intend to keep it and wear it. Danny thinks I've lost my mind and should sell it as it.
These copper earrings caught my eye months ago at Hand-Me-Ups, but at $5.99 I didn't want them badly enough. When they were reduced to .99 cents, I snapped them up. Anyone that has ever had to endure listening to me sing  knows that I'm not musically talented ( Show tunes, anyone?). I can play one song on the piano (my mother insisted I learn arguing that you never know when you might be called upon to play something) and fumble my way through some power chords on the guitar, but that's about it. Still, I adore copper, and these are well made.
These flowers are by a company called, Tiff and Tam. They sell inexpensive hair flowers, many of which come with pin-backs and elastic to make them more versatile. They're well made for the money (About $2.00 depending on style) and I have an assortment in every colour and size. Unlike a floral crown, these can be clipped into my hair to hold it in place. I've been skipping foundation altogether of late and opting instead for a light dusting of translucent powder. The weather has been so humid I can't bear the thought of much more on my face. Coty Airspun powder smells like L'Origan-isn't that enough of a reason to wear it? I can't vouch for the newer formulation in the plastic container as I stocked-up on the cardboard box ones when the local K Mart was clearencing them out. I probably have enough Airspun face powder to last until I die. I only wish I'd thought to load up on Maybellene cake mascara before it was all gone. Danny discovered my stash of Emeraude bottles and wondered if I might have a problem. I won't need to buy that for the rest of my life either.
Wow, I just noticed I have gigantic horse-like nostrils. Note to self-avoid this photography angle in future.

It is Mother's Day in our part of the world, and Danny has promised me a microwaved egg for breakfast. Blondin the squirrel has been by with short-tailed baby Blondin in-tow to eat biscuits off the balcony. It was a charming parental moment watching baby Blondin begging for Blondin's food only to be led over to another piece on the ground, and have it pointed to with a nose. Baby Blondin dutifully picked it up, and they both ran off together to the tree. That's really my most important role as a mother-showing the kid how to feed himself. Microwaved eggs, Blondin biscuits-all the same. 
Wait, wrong baby...
There's my baby. I'm so glad I get to be your mama.


Curtise said...

Ooh, I have enjoyed your Show and Tell very much!
Firstly - blue and orange is ALWAYS good.
Now, I like that patchwork-y box bag, although I wouldn't use it as a bag either, just as storage. And the jewellery is all fabulous. Can't help you with the glitzy golf brooch, but I can sympathise with Eighties Huge Earring Syndrome, my ear piercings were pulled out of shape then too...
And as for your Hermes scarf - wow, great find! Much as I like it, I agree with Danny; sell the bugger!
There's a baby Blondin? Ahh, that's sweet! Photos please.
Happy Mother's Day to you, Ms JJ! xxx

Jenn said...

You remind me of Frida Kahlo in that outfit for some reason! Maybe the flowers in your hair?

Goody said...

Thank you.

Danny will work on getting some baby Blondin photos. I don't know what happened to his tail, though I've heard they are often bitten off in tussles with woodpeckers.

Must be the mustache ;)

Helga said...

I can't remember if we had Show and Tell at school, but I love the term and use it frequently! And yes, a blog is a splendid place to do a great deal of showing and telling! (oooer!)
So many super goodies! Buggered if I knwo what that brooch is, but it does look rather classical to me. The scarf is amazing! I have to NOT buy scarves, as I have masses of the bloody things and hardly wear them. But they are fab to collect, so pretty and light and easy to store....
I ADORE the hand brooch, is that a Victorian motif?? The poodles are also terribly fantastic! Great bargains. I am such a cheap tart, I wouldn't have paid $5.99 for those earrings either. There is no better feeling than spotting a price reduction!
Your shoes rock. You rock!

Mim said...

Interesting that the US had its Holly Hobby moment at the same time as the UK went all Laura Ashley. Lots of chintz!

That scarf is a real win. Did you get the fear that someone would spot what it was and tell you they'd priced it wrongly?

Ah, mini-Blondin! Soon you will have a whole tribe dropping by.

Sue said...

You always find so many fabulous show and tell worthy things!! When I was a teacher aid I remember some of the things kids used to share at show and tell, their parents would have just died!! I had to stifle my laughs!!! I also remember just having to own a Holly Hobby bag when I was about 11, I off course would have died if I didn't get it, obviously I got it, phew!!

Goody said...

I think the hand is from the 40's or 50's, but the motif may have a longer history.

I wasn't too worried at that shop-they routinely let me have things they were going to bin anyway, so they probably figured if I wanted it, it was good as trash.

I miss the old Laura Ashley (the new stuff is terrible) but I have a soft spot for florals.

I'll bet you were the coolest teacher's aid ever! The kids must have loved you.