Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mildred's Potato

I didn't know Mildred, but she sculpted a fine potato.
People joke about the Victorian obsession with a serving piece for every imaginable thing, but I don't think they had much on the good people of the 70's, with their owl napkin holders, lucite sugar packet holders, and of course, Mildred's sour cream potato dish.

Thanks, Mildred! Your potato makes serving sour cream at the table a more elegant experience.

Mildred's potato-bought for pocket change (.25 cents-ish) at New Life Thrift.


Bibi said...

Oh gracious.
The 70's - owls, ferns, macrame, mushrooms, terrariums, fondue & steakhouses, shag carpeting, beanbag chairs, the virtues of garlic & dietary fiber just being discovered.
My dad was THE 70's MAN. He designed restaurants primarily in southern California, Reno & Las Vegas. Yup, ever been to a Sambo's, Peppermill, Dales Bros. Coffee shop, Sizzlers' or the Caesars' lounge in Vegas? That was my dad's idea of 'day-cor'. Lots of dark wood with red & orange accents. Our house was decorated like that too with left over stuff from his restaurant designs. Complete with a wagon wheel chandelier over our dining room table (with faux antiqued metal coffee pots covering the orange flicker bulbs.)
I think I'll just relax here & crochet a harvest gold & avocado green afghan while chewing on an Ayd's candy & sipping on a Tab, (or maybe a Fresca loaded with cyclamates.)

Mim said...

Is sour cream on potatoes a common thing in the US then? It's butter all the way here (unless gravy is available).

Goody said...

there's no decor that can't be improved with the addition of wood paneling and a macrame owl or two! It sounds like you had a magical childhood :)

Sour cream in addition to the butter (we wonder where the obesity comes from) is a beloved tradition and if the sour cream has chives in it , all the better. Sour cream and onion crisps are a big thing here, and lately the flavour combination has migrated to bags of popcorn. Gravy is almost exclusively for mash here-or poutine if you live close enough to Canada, but then it needs cheese curds on top.

Beth Waltz said...

Oh, I do remember a friend getting a set of potato bowls for a wedding present. She also received a food processor that included a recipe for whipping up spuds with cheese (including the skins), so that's what she served with the beer on football nights. Not bad, really!

Mim said...

I take it there are no chips (French fries) with gravy out your way then! (Mmmm, chips and gravy...)

We get sour cream and onion crisps out here, but I've always assumed they were an odd variation on cheese and onion. We have so many odd crisp flavours, it's almost mind-boggling to think that there's a flavour that relates to something you'd actually put on potatoes!