Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Little Thrift Store in the Dairy Queen

I was excited to hear that Sequels has opened another shop-a sequel. Unfortunately, it doesn't share space with a Dairy Queen, but they were giving away free bibles if you needed one. This is clearly the better location, not just for the proximity to ice cream, but for the three pair of vintage Ferragamo shoes I picked up for $2.00 each. Because this side of the store was previously a service station, the soda coolers are used as shoe racks. That tickles me every time I see it. There are real treasures to be found in the place, but I did manage to resist the ceramic mushroom canisters as I already have a set.
Danny's sporting double seersucker. The jacket is mine (part of a suit) that he's claimed for his own. "Don't you care that the buttons are on the wrong side?" I asked him. "No one pays attention to that anymore." was his response. I suppose it depends on the crowd you hang with, but I'm glad that he's not concerned with what people will say/think. He has this great ability to meet things with a shrug, which is good to know, given how taunting and peer pressure can be awful at his age. I don't think he gives a toss if people like him, or not.
I can't imagine where he gets that from.
 The local garden club maintains the flowers at the library, and this week the flowers really took off blooming.
It is still too cold to sit outside and read, but it does bring a bit of cheer to see all the blooms as I walk to the building. By the main entrance there are dozens of rose bushes that have yet to bloom, but when they do it is the nicest place to sit in the sun, read, and enjoy the wonderful fragrance. I'm so glad we have people that volunteer the time and effort to create something nice for everyone to enjoy.
Even the parking area is planted nicely. A few more weeks, and this will be filled with blooms, butterflies, and hopefully some bees. I believe there was a bench where I'm standing-I hope that will be back soon.
Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed I changed shoes in the photos. I started in these vintage Town and Country spectator pumps, but the heel tip on one promptly broke, so off it goes to the cobbler next week for repairs. These were a lucky find at $3.99 so a few more dollars to fix a heel, and add shoe savers is worth it.
After all that excitement at Sequals, I stopped at the pharmacy to check my blood pressure. You can get a good look at my jaunty little straw and velvet hat, and you can also have a gawk at my curved spine. I almost never permit a photo from my right side as the curve is quite dramatic looking. I'm not self-conscious about it (I mean, after all these years I'm well aware of the scoliosis) but it does ruin the line of clothing in a profile photo. When I sewed I could make adjustments for it, but with off the rack thrift shopping, I tend to just live with it. Nice split flutter sleeves though, on a dress that is otherwise a drape-y fright.
Everything looks normal here. Touch wood, this isn't a problem for me, which is kind of a miracle. I attribute it to my short fuse temper. Like they say, burying your anger isn't good for you. If I kept my mouth shut, I could die.
We wouldn't want that, would we? Who would flip you off ?

Outfit Particulars:
 Dress-Rimini for Saks Fifth Avenue-Thrift World
Jacket-Donna Morgan for Maggy-Goodwill
Shoes-Vintage Town and Country pumps-Goodwill/Madden Girl black shoes, Goodwill
1960's vinyl handbag-Goodwill
Necklace-Thrifted somehwre in Western Mass, decades ago
Rovada watch-Gift, years ago
Religious icon bracelet-K Mart
Rings-all over
Ankle bracelet-K Mart
Hat-Thrift World
Fragrance-Cabotine (I'm trying to like it, and while I don't hate it, I don't think it is for me, which is a little sad).
Ta Da!

Photos of today's shoe score, coming soon. I know Sue will approve, as she loves shoes even more than I do! I swear, if we were neighbours I'd be over there borrowing from her beautiful collection all the time.


Sue said...

If we were neighbours we would have a gate to make visiting so much more convenient. You would be welcome to my shoes and anything else, you do realise nothing slightly domestic would ever get done, but the fart blaster would get overtime and there would be a lot of laughter!!! Is the world ready for that?? PS: those shoes are gorgeous of course!!!

Goody said...

And we'd be broke from shopping, but what a time we'd have!

Bibi said...

Some generously applied brow pencil & you'd be quite convincing as a very fierce Mildred Pierce.
Can't decide if the seersucker clad Danny looks like he's in the Bible Belt on Sunday or he's going to hit the fairway at a golf course in Tampa (the land of wide lawns & narrow minds).

Goody said...

I should try slicking down Danny's hair and making him wear a bow-tie for the full preacher look. I know where we can pick up a free bible if he needs it ;)

Funny you picked up on Joan Crawford. The jacket had shoulder pads worthy of her, but I tore them out. The dress seemed so formal I felt it needed something to give it some edge. Mr. ETB thought I was, "Dressed more conventionally than usual", which made me laugh. My idea of punking something out a bit is his idea of conventional.

Beth Waltz said...

Mr. ETB's observation caused me to choke while chuckling! The spiked ankle bracelet is inspired!

Ferragamos at $2/?! These must be displayed immediately -- so I can spread my shoe envy between you and Sue. (Still thinking about those spectacular florals she scored.)

There is indeed an aura of dear ol' Mommie Dearest in that dress. Just the thing for wearing to a thrift shoppe that dispenses free bibles. ? If you haven't seen a young Joan in "Rain", do so.

Curtise said...

I'm not bothered about the free bibles, but almost-free Ferragamo shoes? Now you're talking!
I'm pleased (and not surprised) to hear that Danny doesn't give a toss about public opinion. Shrugging and being true to oneself is a gift, long may it continue.
I agree with the general views on the Joan Crawford-inspired outfit - elegant, chic, and rather formidable. All good!
"If I kept my mouth shut, I could die" is now my official motto. xxxx

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz
Ankle bracelets have lost their cachet since the parole-monitoring type as sported by Lindsey Lohan.

We should make shirts sporting the logo. It sounds better than, "Old is the new black."