Monday, August 15, 2016

Jenny Can't Read

The insects are better dressed than I of late, so they're going to illustrate this post.

As the State Fair inches closer (eleven days, and only six days until the drop-off for contests) I thought I'd take a look at the website and see what musical acts they have lined up this year. Toto? No thanks. Lady Antebellum? No, but wait..."With special guest, Can."

Wow, that's pretty...I don't know what?! And at the Nebraska State Fair for fuck's sake? Well that settles it, I'm getting tickets for that one...I thought.

Upon closer reading, the opening act is someone named, "Cam." Not, "Can." That made me sad, because for a minute I was kind of excited. Bewildered, but excited. Guess we'll check out the agricultural exhibits and call it a day.

I was able to borrow a dehumidifier from the handyman, so weather be damned, our kolaches and biscuits are going to leave this house Monday morning in pristine condition. We're expecting more heat and rain this week, so that should help us keep things dry in the dining room where the finished baked goods are being kept. If you've ever tried icing decorated cookies in a Nebraska August, you'll know it takes forever for the royal icing to set. I was seriously considering purchasing a dehumidifier, so it was really wonderful being spared that expense. I know where all the extra baked goods we don't need for entries are going on Monday! The air conditioner is going nonstop, so if I die of hypothermia, I just hope there's a few blue ribbons to show for it. Ribbons blue as my fingers and toes.

I still haven't finished gluing silk plants and flowers on my annual, "State Fair Hat", but I have my glue gun ready to go. I'm excited about this year's hat as I have a rather lovely old hat from the 40's, that was too battered to wear as-is. As it couldn't really be restored, I'm giving it a second life as a Fair hat. Last year's had bees and flowers so I'm going for a bit more sophistication this year (mini-ears of dried corn *are* Nebraska!

Blogging is going to be light. School starts the week after the Fair, so it will be hectic in these parts for a bit. I'm looking forward to some quiet so I might write, and be able to visit all your wonderful blogs.

And yes, I do have an eye appointment coming up in September. I still wish Can had been performing at the State Fair though. That would have been cool.


Vix said...

Wishing Danny loads of luck with his baking, hoping you don't get hypothermia and looking forward to seeing your fair hat! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

It would have been pretty exciting if it had been Can! As for Cam, I've never heard of it/him/her. I'm loving the insects' outfits, they're almost as good as yours. Looking forward to seeing your hat! xxx

ThriftyParka said...

Oh I can hardly wait to see your hat!!

I know what you mean about AC induced hypothermia! Wow! I have a collection of summer sweaters to huddle in whenever I walk into a 'meat locker' (my term for heavily, air-conditioned offices or retail establishments).

I'm confidently predicting that the ETB household will come home with a bevy of fair ribbons!

Happy thrifting ;)

Mim said...

Oh, good luck with the State Fair! I'm always keeping my fingers crossed for you chaps.

I was thinking of wheat for the dried corn, but then I realised you meant sweetcorn. That's going to be fun and fab.

Sue said...

Busy busy house!! All the very best for Danny, fingers crossed for some prize winners. I so want to see your fair hat when it is finished.

Beth Waltz said...

Waiting with pleasant anticipation for a viewing of your State Fair Hat -- and the contest entries, of course. What will Danny do with all those ribbons? Make a quilt or fabric sculpture?

Bibi Maizoon said...

Seriously, what is Danny going to do with all his ribbons?
Maybe he should start a baking blog?
I think you should go all "Minnie Pearl" with your state fair hat, dangling price tag and all!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Good luck with all your entrant baked goods; just reading about them makes me dribble! Can't wait for the hat reveal...