Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to Ghoul

Sooner or later, summer had to end. Good riddance, I say. Bring on the decaying fallen leaves, the bonfires, black lipstick.
Black lipstick! Wait, What?!

Don't forget over-the-knee-boots.
Outfit Particulars:

1980's polyester crepe dress-Goodwill
1990's rayon crepe coat-dress-Goodwill
Over-the-knee boots-Goodwill
Vintage needlepoint handbag-gift
Necklace-Can't remember
Earrings-K Mart
Black lippy-Katy Kat matte lipstick by Covergirl (Sigh, yes I bought Katy Perry lipstick)
Danny seems to be going through a Helmut Newton meets David Lynch phase with his photography, but it worked well for this outfit. I'm not sure we've ever taken photos in the cellar, but he seems pleased with the effect of the low light photos.

We're off to the fair tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have good news when we return. They have a website, but no one has bothered to post the winning entries on it. They've been slow to adopt technology, so maybe next year. There's free wi-fi being offered this year at the fairgrounds, which seems like a step in the direction of progress. They probably know you can't get anyone under 30 to go somewhere without wi-fi.

Be good little bats and ghouls while I'm gone.


Bibi Maizoon said...

Bwa ha ha ha haaaa!!!!
Halloween and Autumn are are the things I miss most about the US.
It finally cooled down here a bit but still rains 6 hours a day. Mostly violent thunderstorms stating after 6 pm.

I'm loving the black & tan Goth goes upscale & suburban look. Something terrible will or has gone on in that cellar..........dun dunnnn!

Mim said...

Oooh, witchy woman! It's a good look on you. The ruffled dress looks romantic but slightly sinister all styled up like that.

Funnily enough, I spent most of the 90s with nearly-black lips (dark red with black kohl eyeliner over the top; my teeth are too yellow for pure black) and over-the-knee boots.

Polyester Princess said...

You actually don't look bad at all in your ghoulish attire! I remember back in the late Seventies, when I was a punk, I wanted to wear black lipstick but had to search heaven and earth for it. Fast forward a couple of years, and they were all around. Same with hair gel.
Will keep my fingers crossed for Danny. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Oooooh! Don't you look elegant - and very thirties (the era, I mean). I love the black lipstick and the outfit is really spectacular. I'm not a huge fan of 80s fashions but I love this coat and dress...

Fingers tightly crossed for the State Fair results.

Have a great weekend


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

That exquisite pleated collar is like a picture frame. You really suit dramatic make up. I fucking hate summer. Getting so bummed that it's spring here coz we get one week of nice weather then it's straight into eight months of burning fire hell. ox

Anonymous said...

Not only can the lad bake he can take great photos of his MOM!! You look all dark and mysterious. The blokes over here have a name for those over the knee boots!!

Goody said...

Do you want to know what goes on in that cellar? Laundry. It doesn't get more sinister than that!

My teeth are rather yellow too-but I never smile. I'm going to try your tip of kohl over red lipstick-that might have really great staying power too. Thanks.

I remember the quest for Tennax hair gel (It was what all the punks used to get their hair straight-up)and finally only getting some from a friend recently returned from New York. Everyone else used soap flakes, which worked but smelled...well, like soap flakes.

There were some horrid clothes in the 80's-and worn as a dressy-dress this would probably qualify. I've been trying to experiment with combining textures (needlepoint bag, crepe dress, etc.)to see if I can make mundane pieces a bit more interesting together.

I really hope you don't have a summer like the last few with literal fires. You do have the advantage of looking great in a swimsuit, which is some consolation if it has to be miserable heat.

In the US we call them, "Fuck Me Boots" unless they're on someone my age and then we call them, "You're Going to Break a Hip Boots."

Beth Waltz said...

You look good in Goth, channeling the late, great Gale Sondergaard. (Now there was a cleavage topped with a steely stare!)

Vix said...

You're looking effin' fabulous in your Gothic ensemble, black lippie and all.
I HATE the Autumn - I know, I'm a disgrace to bloggers the world over. I'll take halterneck maxi dresses, ice cold cider & salads, bare feet and a sweaty neck over wasp stings (three in a week), bastard massive spiders and dark nights any day of the week. xxx