Friday, October 06, 2017

Hell's Freezing Over and Polyester is Wrinkling

When I saw this loteria skirt on Etsy, I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately, it arrived with issues.  I understand that can happen, and the seller has made an appropriate adjustment. I'm going to re-hem it so the pattern is even (turning it into a mini). I still love the print, and I'm sure it will get many years of wear.

 Anyhoo, I'm still struggling getting dressed due to the strange weather and my own discomfort. Nothing feels right, though I seem to have most of my swelling in my joints. I did somehow perform the feat of gaining seven pounds on this bloody steroid course...entirely in my face. *Shrugs*. Go figure. I gave up after one button on the cardigan because, arthritis.

I have a heavy-breather ringing me on the phone of late. My number's unlisted, and I don't think I know them. We only have one telephone, on the main floor of the house. Needless to say, I'm a bit out of breath myself by the time I reach the phone. I'm so tempted to scream, "If you won't talk dirty to me, stop wasting my time!" I suppose I shouldn't encourage it though.
 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage wool and mohair cardigan-New Life Thrift
Brooch-Sarpy Museum sale
Bangles-all over
Vintage copper earring (have a matching brooch)-Hand-Me-Ups
Glass beads-Can't remember
Tooled leather purse-New Life thrift
Shoes-Dillards, years and years ago
Fragrance-Duende (had to, though I also considered Halloween)

In other interesting news, I had to take Mr. ETB for one of those routine surgeries they give old men to make certain nothing is growing in their poop chute. No big deal, everything looks good but I wasn't prepared for the nurse to hand me photographs along with his discharge instructions. I mean, there were several views of  said poop chute. There's just some things I don't need to see. Yikes! When did they start giving souvenir photos of colonoscopies?! We're going to have interesting Christmas cards this year. Next month, he's having sinus surgery-I can't wait to see what sort of party favours he brings home from that.
 It was raining on and off as we took photos, but somehow these came out looking okay. Isn't it strange how an overcast day ends up better lit than sunshine? Looking at the photos after the fact, I didn't like how the boots looked with the outfit. I'm not the sort of blogger that's willing to change boots and re-take the photos though. I do consider it helpful having the blog though, so I know what might work better next time. My first impulse was a pair of tall, brown suede boots I recently found-but there was no way I would wear them out in the rain.
The 1970's skirt is strange. I've washed it twice and the crease still won't come out. I'll be damned if I'm pressing polyester (no fair, that's the whole point of polyester!) so if it doesn't come out in a few more washes, away it goes. I bought another polyester skirt at the same Goodwill with a similar crease-someone must have donated a box of clothing packed away since the 70's. The jacket came from there as well (also sporting a fold mark). I don't think I've ever run across an issue like this.
 The vintage polo neck was fine though (also from the same Goodwill).

Outfit Particulars:
1970's polyester skirt by Panther-Goodwill
Vintage acrylic polo neck-Goodwill
Vintage belt-Sarpy Museum sale
Vintage Mr. Ralph shopper made in British Hong Kong-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-Costume shop
Vintage Jack Mauu jacket-Goodwill
There is zilch online about this designer. Any of my knowledgeable readers have information?
We're currently under a flood watch as it is raining so much, so fast the storm drains can't keep up. I hope wherever you are, you're dry and warm. Have a great weekend.


Polyester Princess said...

Polyester is creasing! Your post title filled me with horror. It has happened to me, and I've wondered, but yours is probably the correct explanation. Imagine stuff being folded away since the 1970s. Even polyester wasn't made for such a fate. The skirt you bought is gorgeous, what a fabulous print! I am also very taken by the boots of your second outfit, even if you feel they don't work. The earrings are quite something as well. Sorry to hear about your discomfort, hope you'll feel better soon. xxx

Miss Magpie said...

I had no idea people still did the heavy breathing thing in this day and age of modern technology!

You look fab in a mini, fabulous pins.

Veronica Cooke said...

That pattern is just astonishingly gorgeous. It looks like cigarette cards. You can certainly rock a mini - go Goody!

I had an almost identical raffia (?) brooch years ago. My mum used to be a home help and had mostly elderly clients. They refused to let her leave their house without giving her something; home made almond biscuits; ornaments; bags; brooches. Sometimes she had to take the items and then dump them in the bin. She gave me the brooch but I don't know what happened to it.

I loved your polyester skirt and top, both of which look gorgeous on you. My only thought is can you steam them? Steaming usually removes most wrinkles. I can attest to that volunteering in a charity shop!

Hope you will start feeling better soon.

Beth Waltz said...

I second Veronica's suggestion; however, rather than using the steam iron, I'd weight the skirt and hang it on a post-hot-shower curtain rod. Twice.

The animal print boots work with the separates and bag, sans jacket perhaps?

Odd little crafty pin, that. Its cousins turn up in $1 bins hereabouts -- and I snap them up as gifts for my Japanese friends who insist they're "sweet bamboo". ? This is an element of origami in the design, which probably mean they were made in Finland.

Radostin said...

That's a great print on that skirt, definitely worth rehemming! I love the copper-coloured (?) glass beads, very nice indeed. The cardie is interesting, is it woven? I don't recognise a knit stitch in your picture of the brooch - which latter reminds me of a "quilling” craft set I once recedes a child, with strips of paper just that width, and a tool for creating spirals and so on.
I actually like those boots with the second outfit - rather cheeky. Of course brown suede would also be good, weather permitting - quite a different outfit that would be.

Sue said...

Oh Jen how I laughed at the thought of Poop Chute photos, I am surprised you didn't share them, I would have. Or would I? Love the Day of the Dead fabric in the first skirt, so colourful, the way I like it. Hope all is well with you, I have been slack in catching up on blogs.

Sue said...

Ok this is my second attempt at commenting, god knows where my first master piece went to. Now that I have stopped laughing at the poop chute photos, I am wondering why you didn't share them. I would have. Or would I? Love the Day of the Dead fabric in your mini skirt, Vibrant and way cool.

ThriftyParka said...

Wow! The love those leopard boots with the orange jacket and brown outfit. Sorry to hear Mr ETB had an, uncormfortable procedure, gadzooks, pictures??

Hmmm, never heard of that Mann label before, love that shopper though!

Happy Uncreased Thrifting ;)

Vix said...

Why on earth would they hand you those photos? Beggars belief.
That's a cool print on the with-issues mini and those leopard print boots are fantastic. Love the bastard massive gold earrings and the shape of the caramel jacket, too.
I had a heavy breather plague me for ages. Every time I'd get in the bath the phone would ring, I'd jump out soaking wet, answer the phone only for some perv to start panting. It took a couple of years to realise it was the bloke next door who could see me from his bedroom window. Dirty bastard.

Goody said...

Yes-crimes against polyester! Imagine having such nice clothes packed away all those years.

@Miss Magpie
I tried hitting the *69 which tells you the last number called-wouldn't you know it, the number was blocked!

They're cards from Loteria which is similar to bingo, but the cards have specific things attributed to them. I've never played, but Danny is having fun learning a bit of Spanish from the names on the fabric. It helps that we're studying the history of Mexico this semester.

I will try steaming them-good advice.

I should wait until I get a bad cold so I don't waste the hot water/steam on a shower and wrinkled skirt ;)

Those pins (I also have some earrings) were popular during the war as the materials weren't rationed. I have some made from a thin plastic as well, and others that seem to be coated with wax.

I think the collar might be knit, and the rest woven-hard to tell, and I'm not a knitter. Yes-quilling! I'd say that's an accurate description. The closest I get to that sort of crafting is curling ribbon on gifts.

I don't think anyone would want to see that(I didn't)! I think they give them as some sort of evidence that they didn't just knock you out and take your money. I don't think I'd be able to recognise my haemorrhoids from someone else's but whatever.
As the kids say, "Oversharing!"

*Buggers* belief is more like it ;)
Whoa, a neighbour-that's creepy. I really hope this isn't someone I know.

Mim said...

Excellent outfits there. You can't beat a bit of Halloween.

I think I'd rather have sinus photos than bottom ones - though I'd rather not see either. I don't think the NHS gives photos out, thank goodness.

Blow a whistle down the phone at the heavy breather. A burst eardrum'll teach him. Or... wait... THE FART BLASTER! If ever there was an occasion for the fart blaster, this is definitely it.

Goody said...

Ha! The fart blaster would be perfect.
I really was caught off guard. I know he had to peer into my uterus when Danny was born via-c section, but that's different! There's just some things we don't need to know about each other. "Whoa, would 'ya lookit the size of them there polyps!"

Melanie Folly Bird said...

That skirt is fantastic, such a shame about the issues, but at least it can be rectified.

Love the copper earrings, copper is one of my favourite colours.

Photographs? Oh my. Not ones for the family album!

When I was a teen, I answered the phone to, "This is your one o' clock lover." Quite bothered me at the time, but in retrospect it could have been worse.

Goody said...

I adore copper too. I've been searching for a copper belt for ages, but they're always too small for me.