Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Rocktober Rose

 Yeah, yeah, I'm wearing brown again...but this time I've accented with rose. That's radical for me, so take a good look as it isn't likely to happen again. I don't know why I don't wear this combination more often, as it seems to work okay.
 I ran across my shadow at the park. Hi shadow!
 Oh shadow, that really isn't very polite!
 Well, never mind her, she's obviously having a bad day.
I like this park, there's so mushroom to play. You can groan at that one if you like.
You're not actually groaning, are you?!
I had lost my bracelet in the park, but returning the following day, I found it! Then, I promptly lost a brooch. I haven't found that unfortunately.
The Fuzzy-Headed Twitcher found a rare bird (for our area) earlier this week. He's seen it twice since, but was only able to get one not-great photo. We're still waiting to see what the e-Bird people have to say. He's excited anyway, but we've been spending an awful lot of time in pursuit of a tiny little bird. *Shrugs* I'm not a birder, so I can't quite summon the same excitement-but I'm willing to drive to the park so he can chase it. Thankfully, we've been having nice weather.
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage 70's sweater-Hand-Me-Ups
Pendleton jacket (part of a trouser suit)-Goodwill
1970's Lady Devon pleated skirt-Thrift World (I think)
Micro-mosaic bracelet-Goodwill
Acorn earrings-can't remember
Brooches (on sweater)-Both Goodwill
Fragrance-Jolie Madame (Thank You, Emily! I adore it. And thank you Mim for mentioning it)
I'll leave you with some views of Towle Park in Omaha.

Now, to find that bird...


Vix said...

That last photo of Omaha park perfectly echoes the colours in your outfit.
Brown looks great on you especially with the rose highlights and the whale nets.
I'm glad you found that pretty bracelet. I lost a huge 1950s sparkly brooch outside a pub in the eighties, spent ages looking for it to no avail only to drive past a year later and see something sparkling in the kerb. Yep, the brooch!
Magic mushrooms and rare birds plus a sweary shadow. Our park is all about teenagers and stoners necking cheap cider and fighting. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The plumbers in my family (4th generation, now) assure me that the place to find nice rings is in the bend of vintage toilets, particularly those in the ladies' loo of posh restaurants.

The berry tones do rock the browns, Goody! Think cranberries with chocolate. My magpie eyes are sparkling as you display your fall flavored pins and earrings. Here's an entertaining alternative to collecting Christmas trees and cat pins! (Did you say 5 = collection?)

Bibi Maizoon said...

I was just looking at the Pantone color report for Fall 2017 in NY & London- https://www.pantone.com/fashion-color-report-fall-2017
Ballet Slipper pink was the only surprise.
I love the deep rose with the muted browns. Gorgeous autumn foliage where you're at. Surly shadows & rare birds indeed!

Polyester Princess said...

Phew, what a relief that you found the bracelet! It's absolutely stunning! A shame about the brooch, though. I lost one last year and now I can't remember which one, so it can't have been very special ... I can't imagine why you're not wearing that deep rose colour more, as it's a great colour on you, plus it works well with the brown. Maybe it's too close to red for you? xxx

Veronica Cooke said...

Do tell what the bird is...

You need to have a word with that shadow!

Loved the outfit. I'm so glad you found your gorgeous bracelet. I lost a brooch the other day' I heard something go clunk past me in the car and assumed the brooch had dropped off but it has completely vanished.

The autumnal colours in your park are beautiful.

Goody said...

We went back today and I found my brooch! We never did find the bird though.

My dad was forever taking apart the pipe under the sink to retrieve our lost rings. Three is a collection in my book ;)

Yeah...this doesn't feel like a ballet slipper pink year to me either.

I found the brooch the following day! I am NEVER wearing accessories to that park again.

It is a pink-sided Juno with white wing bars. We get Dark Eyed Juncos here, but this little bird isn't typically seen this far east-it will be a state record if Danny gets it verified. I hope your brooch reappears-I was shocked to see mine in the grass.

Radostin said...

Lovely colour combination, and it looks great on you. I'd never seen a mosaic bracelet, very glad you found all the lost jewels. Those earrings are darling!

Goody said...

I'm going to have a safety chain put on the bracelet so that won't happen again. I'm still amazed I found both items-in tall grass.

Melanie Folly Bird said...

Thank goodness you found the bracelet and brooch. Hope Danny gets his bird picture soon.

Mim said...

I was going to say, "Oh no!" to losing the brooch, but then I see from your comment to Vix that you found it. That was lucky. That bracelet really is a nice one.

Birders do have an odd enthusiasm. Then again, they probably look at vintage lovers scrambling to find old clothes and think we're the weird ones.

Goody said...

I still can't believe I found it. The park is underutilised, so that might have something to do with it. If anyone saw it they'd have picked it up.

But we don't stand around in shrubs peering through binoculars-I mean, that just looks creepy!