Sunday, October 15, 2017

Skirts and Sweaters-Wardrobe Staples

Ow! I have to stop wearing staples! Before I get my hat and leave...

 I realised as I dressed this morning that I've been more or less a sweater and skirt sort of person my entire life. What could be easier? Dress it up or down with scarves, necklaces, brooches-you have an outfit. I struggle with summer as a blouse doesn't quite work the same (it should, but...). Once things cool off, I'm back in my comfort zone wearing the clothes that make me happy. Of course there's room for dresses, suits and even trousers, but when I bolt out of bed late for wherever it is I need to be that morning, I like having a "go-to" look. This is that look.

I added the vintage Pendleton '49er jacket because it was so damn cold in the morning. By afternoon it was no longer required. The 80's does 40's look of the sweater and skirt works well with the true vintage jacket, purse, and brooches. I have no problem mixing eras, and even the 80's Naturalizer shoes have a good 40's vibe to them.

Of course Lurex wasn't a thing in the 40's (that I'm aware of). I really like how gold thread is combined with the grey rather than silver. It is unexpected, and broadens the possibilities for the outfit. A mustard yellow jacket would work here too, or camel.
Outfit Particulars:
80's sweater-New Life Thrift
Vintage wool skirt-Goodwill
Naturalizer shoes-Goodwill
Vintage 40's suede bag-Goodwill
Pendleton '49er jacket-Goodwill
40's acorn brooch-can't remember
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Estee Lauder Knowing

"I'm bored! Show something with a bit of colour!"

Okay, Xerox how about this?
Bright red/orange eye shadow from a colourful palette by NYX. Gosh I love red eye cosmetics. I had been using a deep red blusher, but now that I've found the NYX stuff, I'm hooked. 
"I think Xerox is being unfair, I rather like the grey outfit."

Thanks Mr. Goose! This is an odd goose by the way-he appears to be a hybrid between a Canada goose and god-only-knows? Maybe a Snow goose? Domestic goose? He was hanging with a flock of Canada geese at the park. 
 Anyway, new boots.
I bought these last Spring at goodwill-unworn, original tags still on. They're quite comfortable to walk in, though they are a bit larger than I'd like. Next time, a pair of socks.
This time I've tucked my sweater in. This vintage acrylic polo neck has a zip neck so I didn't need to mess my hair or makeup getting dressed. My mum always threw a sheer scarf over her head when pulling on clothes, but I never bother. Most days the makeup and hair are done after I dress. I know, I know, I'm doing it wrong!

 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage polo neck (70's, probably)-Goodwill
Vintage 70's wool skirt (part of a suit)-Goodwill
Wooden leaves brooch-Etsy
Halloween brooch-Can't remember
Earrings-Sarpy museum sale
Tortoise bangle-Goodwill
Red bracelet-Filene's 90's
Vintage Kadin handbag-Goodwill
Micro-mosaic ring-Goodwill
Fragrance- Vintage formulation Aromatics Elixir

Finally, I bought myself a cheap smart phone to post photos on Instagram. I think I still prefer the blog format, but it is a nice way to connect with friends that have moved away from Blogger. The camera on the phone is pretty shitty, and I'm technically inept, so don't expect much ;) I'm posting as goodymcgoodface if you feel like checking it out. I think it might be good for things that don't merit a full post, but I'll warn you the photos are terrible. 


Polyester Princess said...

You are doing the sweater and skirt combos so well! I'm quite taken with that short sleeved sweater in your first outfit. Oh, and your new boots! Obviously, I love the wooden leaves brooch and the Halloween brooch. But that was before I saw the micromosaic ring! I have yet to succumb to Instagram. Not only does it scare me (it took me a while to start blogging for the same reason) but I'm afraid that once I'm on it, I'll get completely sucked in. But I guess at one point I'll have to in order not to lose contact with people who have gone over to the other side! xxx

Miss Magpie said...

definite bag envy and brooch envy going on here.

Radostin said...

Ah-ha, there's that brooch! Very nice indeed, as are all the other details here. I'm really not a cat person but that Halloween brooch is most endearing. The incense burner earring are fascinating, and I love that micro-mosaic ring. I have a micro-mosaic brooch that was my Grandmother's but the bar is Brocken so it can't be worn; must get it mended! Love your handbag, too, and I'm glad the boots are comfy. Room for socks is pretty much a prerequisite for boots, with me.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Heyyyyy! Just got back from India & found out my old house in Sonoma is burnt to the ground! Glad i sold that house in 2008 & glad the new owners are ok.
I bet that's the Elements Fire palette from Nyx! Looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

Radostin said...

Oh, and I love your grey sweater & skirt outfit, too!

Goody said...

My phone really isn't up to the task of Instagram, so everything looks funny and distorted. Still, it is nice to keep in touch with people but I do more liking than posting.

@Miss Magpie
The leaves brooch was an accidental find on etsy when I was looking for something else.

I tried using the phone for a better photo, to no avail, so I posted it here. The brooch is very light, being wood. I like cats but am unfortunately severely allergic to them.

Oh gosh, I'm sorry. That has to be upsetting, even if you'd long since moved away. Hope your trip to India was nice-I missed you!

Vix said...

Loving those staples! The lurex jumper is fab and I love the intense red worn with the brown skirt.
Loving the eyeshadow. xxx

Goody said...

Thank you. I'm new to the world of bright eye shadow.

Mim said...

Don't be too hard on Xerox, he looks a bit blue...

Skirt and sweater is a great look - I always enjoy it when autumn rolls round and I can dig out my tweed skirts and woollies again. The pop of the lurex is really effective against the grey in your first outfit.

Melanie Folly Bird said...

I love that first jumper, that's really cute. I prefer dresses, they're so much easier, but I wish I had more cold weather ones, as finding cardigans that are neat enough and don't reach my thighs or that are so wid that two of me could fit inside, is nigh on impossible for me.

Aww, it's Xerox, bless. I saw oodles of budgies at the wildlife hospital the other day, all rescues.

Goody said...

Hee hee. That bird hasn't shut up for five seconds today. I swear, he can tell I have a migraine.

I can understand people getting budgies with unrealistic expectations and then not being able to stand the noise (and mess). Xerox is quite loud, and has the capacity to maintain that screeching for hours on end. About the only thing that quiets him (other than covering) is when Danny lets him watch baseball. They sit together, watching the game and Xerox is transfixed. Don't know what we'll do in the off-season!

I can't find decent cardigans unless I shop in the children's department-otherwise the sleeves are too long on me. Kids are bigger these days, so it has been easy enough for me finding something that will go around the bust.