Thursday, October 19, 2017

Vogelfanger bin ich ja

Back to the park looking for the Pink-Sided Junco, without any success, but we did spot a number of other birds, so the trip wasn't a loss. The weather has been sunny and beautiful, but at this point we could get snow-so we're determined to get outdoors while it lasts. I'm wearing my old-lady over-glasses because my eyes are so sensitive to sunlight it isn't worth risking a pair of regular sunnies. These block sunlight from the sides as well-and they're polarised. That's helpful when you're looking up into the sky for a tiny bird. My pumpkin earrings have a light inside that flashes with the press of a button, but the sun had them glowing naturally today.

 I found a nest blown down in the grass today. Whatever bird was using it has long-since fledged, and it was surprisingly clean. No, I'm not going to make soup from it.

 I gave this tiered wrap skirt a first wear. Yes, I have trainers on my feet-you didn't think I'd take good shoes through a muddy park, did you? As we were taking photos, two older men, shirtless jogged by.
"Don't take my picture" yelled one only half-jokingly. I wanted to reply, "I'm not here to take pictures of sweaty, old, men" but instead I just replied, " I won't." Imagine the arrogance of thinking I'd want a photo of him!
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage blouse-Goodwill
Straw bag-Goodwill
Earrings-K Mart
No fragrance because the park is swarming with bees, mosquitoes, and pirate bugs. 
I wore this the day before-same park, different outfit. 

Outfit Particulars:
1950's Sporteens wool skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
1970's Western blouse-Can't remember
Geiger wool jacket-Hand-Me-Ups
Handbag-antique mall
Brooches-Both Hand-Me-Ups (the larger owl was lost in the grass, and found the following day, just as the bracelet was. Strange.)
Boots-Goodwill years and years ago
Tooled belt-Goodwill
 "Hey little owly, what say we jump off her coat and go look for some mice in the grass?"
We'll give the birdie search one more chance tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful. Still, with such lovely weather I can't say I really mind. Next week looks to be much cooler. 
Here come the twitchers...everybody hide!

That's the fella we're looking for. Obviously, not our photo! To make matters worse, Danny spotted another bird that clearly doesn't belong in Nebraska (or the US for that matter) so we'll be on the lookout for two birds now. Not being a birder, I'm really no help but I will drive him over there and try. Honestly, I wouldn't know one from the other, but someone has to run after marking things down on the checklist. I'm good at that. I leave the birdcatching to Papageno Danny.
I really hope he finds that bloody bird (s) soon.


Beth Waltz said...

The tiered wrap skirt and vintage blouse combo brings back wonderful memories of kimono worn by the Minyo dancers with whom I used to tour. The ladies hand stitched their costumes from traditional 18" wide fabric, so perhaps it's also the skirt's 'panels' that prompt recollections of happy gatherings sorting pattern matches. How they would have welcomed you to join them on the floor amid the bolts of silk! "Soooo, Goody-san, you say for farmer's dance we put red of beet with orange of pumpkin, very nice!"

Bibi Maizoon said...

Birding in browns!
I can't keep track of all the birds that pass through here on migration. If it's storming badly in the mountains a whole new set of birds shows up from the forests too.
Stets lustig heissa hopsasa!
Ich Vogenfänger bin bekannt
Bei Alt und Jung im ganzen Land.

Vix said...

Yeah, 'cos you really want a photograph of a sweaty middle-aged man to keep you warm on a chilly Autumn night, don't you? Men!
Two fabulous brown outfits. Shame about the lack of birdage but there's always tomorrow. xxx

Veronica Cooke said...

I have actually heard of a Pink Sided Junko! Good luck finding it.

What lovely autumnal outfits - the colours are spot on.

I'm so glad you didn't lose Big Owley permanently as he and his little bro are gorgeous!

Bloody men!

Polyester Princess said...

You obviously know your classics! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the birds will be spotted soon. But surely you know it's dangerous to wear animal brooches to the park. Those owls just want to be with the other birds! They are lovely, though, and so are both of your outfits, although I'm particularly taken with the first. The print of that maxi skirt in stunning, and the top looks very familiar. I might have something similar in my wardrobe. xxx

Radostin said...


Goody said...

The skirt has a made in India label, but who knows what market it was originally destined for. It doesn't seem like something you'd find in an American department store.
You have had the most interesting life! When are you going to publish a memoir?

It must be fascinating to see all the migrations in your part of the world.

If only these guys could see themselves as everyone else does.

I am never wearing any jewelry to that park again-there's some gravitational field that pulls shiny objects!

Thank you.

Melanie Folly Bird said...

Any luck on the bird front yet? There was once a rare bird seen at the end of the cul de sac here, drew twitcher's from all over the place! Of course Andy can't recall what is was.

Mim said...

Maybe the jogger was worried he'd end up being made fun of somewhere.

Are you sure those birds aren't magpies and that's why your jewellery goes missing there? ;-) (I wouldn't joke if you gadn't got it back.)

Goody said...

No, and now Danny's allergic asthma is acting up so he can't go back out. We did give it a full week though, so I suppose it just got away.

Nah, he was jogging shirtless on a cold day-he wanted to be admired.
No magpies here, but we have some VERY big crows that would love to get hold of some sparkly things. I think the park is haunted and playing games, being October and all.