Wednesday, October 11, 2017

True Vintage-70's Knits and Suede

Whoa, it got cold!

 I've already needed my coat in the early mornings and evenings, but I'm still making due with cardigans in the daytime. This one is a heavy, acrylic beast.
A cardigan with pockets? Be still my heart. I'm always tempted to belt this one, but in the end I never do. I had to be outdoors quite a bit today, but I kept nice and warm and had a place to shove my hands when they started turning blue. The skirt has pockets as well, but they're not deep. I found the vintage space-dyed cowl-neck at Goodwill on a rack of similar, modern tops. I suppose the neck caught my eye as vintage being thicker than what you'd see made today, but there was also something about the quality of the yarn. Today's knits look fuzzy after a few washes, where the lines on this were still sharp. The top hadn't been stretched out of shape either-a dead giveaway it was vintage. A quick look inside at the woven label confirmed it.
I had several tops like this when they were current, my favourite being in various shades of green. I wore it to death under a green/blue flannel shirt for the better part of autumn/winter 1978/79. That might have been the closest I ever got to a uniform, but it got me dressed and off to school without much fuss. That was the same year I had my hair cut short and permed into tight curls. It looked okay after it finally relaxed. That was my one and only perm, but it was wash-n-go. I always was good at time management with respect to my appearance. If I ever had to spend more than fifteen minutes getting dressed (including makeup) I'd quit doing it. 
 Outfit Particulars:
1970's space-dyed cowl-neck sweater-Goodwill
1970's acrylic cardigan-Goodwill
1970's suede skirt-can't remember
Owl earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Tooled leather bag-Goodwill
Belt-Can't remember
I received a care package from the lovely Beth Waltz this week. It was my favourite type-chocolate velvet and ice-blue peppermint  rhinestones. Some people need food to survive-I thrive on sparkles. Thank you so much for thinking of me Beth, I adore it all. I had just been mourning the demise of my brown velvet coat when Beth read my mind. 
I had to cover the garden with a fleece last evening as we dipped into the 30's overnight. I've harvested the large tomatoes, but the cherry tomato bushes are still producing like mad, so I'll try to keep them alive as long as possible. Danny won a canning/preserving award at the fair last summer and today the vouchers for free jars arrived. Just in time-we have some chutney-making scheduled for today and tomorrow. Thank you all for your green tomato suggestions. We'll be trying a curry, and frying up some slices for dinner. I baked a green tomato pie which really did taste like apple. I'll probably put together another and freeze it unbaked to use at Thanksgiving. 

Hope mid-week is treating you well. 


Polyester Princess said...

That skirt is such a lovely colour, and I love the space-dyed cowl-neck too. It must be really cold, if you're wearing a jumper and an thick cardigan. My jumpers, and especially the cowl necked and polo necked ones, are reserved for the depths of winter only, thanks to my hot flushes. The clogs are fabulous and how cute are those owl earrings? How thoughtful of Beth to send you that package. Chocolate brown and ice blue is a winning combination. xxx

Vix said...

That cardi is fabulous,proper 1970s - and that's coming from a woman who runs a mile from knitwear!
It must be proper cold there then. We've got unseasonably warm temperatures of 65 this week which is great, saves lighting the fire.
In 1977 I had the Purdey cut as my Mum loved The New Avengers.
That's a fab parcel from lovely Beth, the bird notelet is beautiful. xxx

Veronica Cooke said...

Love everything about the outfit; the colours, the cardi, the polo neck, the clogs everything. I remember those tops - such useful items. I don't wear polo neck jumpers anymore, I don't think they suit me.

How kind of Beth to send those things. I saw chocolate velvet and thought it was actually chocolate she sent you but then the penny dropped. The brooches are fabulous; I can't wait to see you style the chocolate velvet (coat? jacket?) and the jewellery.

I lost one of my brooches yesterday; it fell off my cardi somewhere....

Goody said...

The cardigan was too much indoors, but against a cold North wind, it can't be beat.

Enjoy the warmth while you can. I wish we had a fireplace-blasted heat costs us a small fortune. Our place was built in '68 and it just assumes the use of heat and air conditioning as the builders no doubt thought the good times would just roll on forever.

Oh no, I hope it turns up somewhere (sometimes mine fall off into a bag or pocket only to be found later. If not, then the thrifting gods owe you a newer, better one.

Melanie Folly Bird said...

I'm back in a jacket myself now, just a three quarter sleeve one, I'm not ready to start wearing hats, scarves and wooly gloves just yet, but this time of year gives me the chance to wear vintage day gloves without getting side eyed all over the place!

How nice to receive a parcel of prettiness, I got one myself this week too, so exciting!

Radostin said...

You do look nice and cozy. Everything about this outfit is just fab. I love those owl earrings, too. And what a lovely parcel.

Goody said...

I get funny looks wearing gloves as people think I'm hiding some horrible skin disease or something.

Beth certainly knows my taste!