Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scenes From Danny's Birthday

As you can see, he really loved his tractor and cake. We woke at six AM to someone yelling:

"I want my birthday right now!"

There were a few tears when he realised cake wouldn't be served until later, though I did let him eat cookies for breakfast (it's his birthday-you

get cookies for breakfast on your birthday).

We gave him the tractor early, before his papa left for work, and it was pretty much as I expected-equal time playing with the box it came in. Sigh. He's never going to let me throw that box away.

The tractor cookies provided quite a bit of after-party entertainment to play with at the table.

Happy Birthday Danny (or as he now insists I call him, "Big Dan.")


Page D. said...

I have been checking back to see the main event. It was worth the wait, he is precious! My son got a John Deere tractor when he was three..... eighteen years and many miles later..... it still sits on my hearth (along with the fisher-price clucky chicken I got when I was 3!). Nothing runs like a Deere!... and a 46 year old clucky chicken.

Goody said...

Awww, thanks. Little boys sure do love their tractors, huh? My parents weren't sentimental and most of my things were either given to my sister's children (she's ten years my senior) or tossed. My husband's parents however brought us box after box of toys and books when Danny was born-they saved EVERYTHING. I like the happy medium idea of keeping a few pieces displayed as you've done.This toy was a bit of a splurge for us, so I'm really glad he liked it.

It always hits me when I meet people close to our age (like you) with grown children, just how late we became parents.

He was worth waiting for :)