Friday, May 22, 2009

A Raymond Oliver Rip-Off

Danny has pulled this stunt before-approaching me clutching a cookbook and pointing to a photograph. I still remember the strawberry bavarian. (I did actually make that for him HERE).I can at least say his taste is improving, and the Prior's Cake in La Cuisine is mercifully simple-provided you don't live in a 100 year old farmhouse with uneven floors. Looking at it, I really should have sharpened a knife and trimmed those layers better-and thinner. Still, considering everything it went pretty well.

I cheated. I made a genoise cake, and I made buttercream-but I did not follow his recipes. I also used apricot preserves for a layer and melted bittersweet chocolate for the top. It is, as my post title says, a rip-off. I'm still far too anemic for making my own fondant for the frosting base. No, no, not that rolled fondant garbage you buy at craft stores-the real stuff that involves upper body strength and endurance I no longer possess. While I believe that the original is delicious, this isn't exactly horrible. Danny was impressed, and had a grand time devouring the cake scraps. I'm sort of shuddering at what he'll want next.

I really should have done thinner layers, looking at it. Eh, happy Friday Cake Blogging!

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