Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dorie Greenspan's Sables, and World Peace Cookies

Danny tasted one of the sables, declared them superior to all other cookies, and instructed me to stop making any others. Ever. Until he tasted the World Peace cookies.

The only change I made was using a strong arm, and a wooden spoon rather than a mixer. I get pretty good results that way, particularly when the recipe requires to you avoid beating too much air into the butter. It was 60 degrees F. inside the house today, so the butter stayed nice and firm throughout the process. These cookies really are beyond anything I've ever imagined coming out of my kitchen. Again, due to the cold, and my bloodless, arthritic hands, there wasn't any fear of overworking/softening the dough-but in warmer climes, you may want to work quickly, and chill longer. An hour in the fridge was sufficient for me.

The original recipes may be found HERE. I've made her rugelach as well, and similarly, they are fantastic.

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