Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Think Were All Pretty "Aware" by This Point

I still have to insist that the best (in a "gee that's so awful, I love it" kind of way) "Breast Cancer Awareness" item I've ever seen for sale was the bright pink, child's BB gun. Come on, you know you want one. The vacuum cleaner was kind of funny as well.

Last weekend, I walked past the salad bar at the grocer. Something made me look, and my reward for looking was some sort of sheet cheesecake dessert thing, decorated with pink ribbons piped on in royal icing. Nothing says, "I'm raising awareness" like pink ribbons festooned about a cheesecake. God, I wonder if they make actual garland out of pink ribbons...I'll bet they do. I saw a giant mylar balloon last week, and I sort of wondered who the hell you would present with that, but maybe if you're having some sort of breast cancer awareness shindig, you can grab a few decorations, and a cheesecake from Hy-Vee.

Awright, everyone aware now? Good.

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