Monday, October 18, 2010


I qualify for a free discount card at the art store (Dick Blick) because I'm a teacher, or at least I'm Danny's teacher. How wonderful that they extend that to homeschoolers. I'm wondering if we can take advantage of discounts at museums, etc. I should look into that.

Danny wants canvas, and acrylic paint. I'd been reluctant to let him go at expensive materials, but with the sale coming up, plus the discount, I might be able to indulge his newly found artistic bent. I swear, the kid can blend oil pastels like a pro. Better than I ever could, anyway.

I recently found an old receipt tucked into a book where I spent something like $180.00 on materials at Johnson Paint in Boston. Yikes! The things single people spend money on. For a nice contrast, I should mention that I bought a pair of shoes on sale at Sears last weekend for seven dollars. I had to, the ten year old pair I was wearing finally fell apart in a way that even the best cobbler couldn't reconstruct. Maybe Danny can paint on them.

Anyway, heads-up if you homeschool and buy a lot of paint.

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