Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Saunders County Gorgon Slayin' Company and General Pest Exterminatin' Service

Yeah, you just call ole Perseus, and he'll take care of yer Gorgon problem, real good. Just don't look directly at her, on account of the turnin' to stone problem, and all.

The picture barely does justice to the costume. His socks had feathers sewn on, as did his hat. The shield has a photocopy of the Medusa's head under mylar to serve as her reflection. He has a scythe hooked to the belt, but it is hard to see. Still, it was the head that understandably attracted the most attention. I'd really like to send her on a blog-tour of sorts where people can pose with her, and post the photo on the blog before sending her along to the next participant. I dunno, it could be fun-I have an extra head and snakes if anyone's interested.

Danny declared this, "The BEST Halloween ever!" I think he just appreciated the haul of candy. He also hit me for two dollars worth of quarters to swap for candy with nuts. That seems fair.

It was pretty fun. You can walk our entire town in twenty minutes, and it is a nice way to visit with your neighbours. As usual, there was a house handing out full-sized candy bars, and Danny looked at the teenaged girls like they were gods.
"Mama, I got a full-sized Starburst tube. Full-sized!"
I'm guessing once word got out, they were a pretty popular stop on the trick or treat route.

Best part? The rain stopped just as we were setting out. What more can you ask for?
Yes, there were dog treats as well.

Happy Halloween!


Raymond said...

This is all just too much awesomeness. Medusa head, candy, quarters, hurling punkins and doggie treats too. A+ !!

Jenn said...

We discovered tonight that the town we live in is *awesome* at Halloween if you're not allergic to chocolate. the girls got FIFTEEN full sized chocolate bars, and we only did six blocks of houses. Poor Mary gave up trying to tell people that "I can't eat chocolate, but thank you very much" and just took the chocolate bars for Mummy and Dad.

Goody said...

That is really generous. Yeah, Danny has given-up explaining as well. Papa takes the nut-filled candy to work.

What did the girls dress as this year?

Goody said...

Well Raymond, you can always start planning for next Halloween to be spent in Nebraska. Hint.

Jenn said...

Mary wanted to dress as a princess (of course). She went as Marie Antoinette. Frances desperately wanted to dress up as Buzz Lightyear, but Mary decreed that Fran could not dress up as a boy, so she went as Little Red Riding Hood. Of course I bought their costumes, I'm afraid I'm nowhere near crafty enough to put something together like you did for Danny!

Goody said...

I love how Mary is already ordering her sister about.

There's nothing wrong with a store-bought costume. If I had to work all day, and care for two children, there wouldn't be any costume making around here either.