Friday, October 08, 2010

Green Tomato Chutney

The recipe comes from one of my very favourite blogs, The Cottage Smallholder. If you're not already over there reading, all I have to say is, "why not?"

Recipe HERE.

My end-of the season green tomatoes were still looking for a use. I've made green tomato chutney before, and it was OK, but this recipe is really something special. As I have a child that refuses to eat a cheese sandwich unless it has chutney on it, I suspect this will be used-up rather quickly. I put it through the canner anyway, because if you fail to steam up the kitchen on an unseasonably warm (91 degrees F) day in October, then you're not really a Midwesterner.

This was the first time Danny actively helped with the preparation, and canning. He's really a careful, and responsible child, so after reminding him of some very basic safety precautions ("DON'T TOUCH THAT, YOU'LL BE HORRIBLY BURNED, AND DISFIGURED!") we set about making the chutney. No one was harmed in the making of this chutney, I'm pleased to report, and there's a five and a half year old strutting about, really proud of his work.

One thing I did learn today, regarding green tomatoes is that they can be frozen. They need to be sliced, then layered in an airtight container with freezer paper between the layers. I might go ahead and do a few, to surprise everyone with fried tomatoes at Christmas or some unexpected time. I really am so very sick of tomatoes, green or otherwise. I have enough tomato sauce to last well into next summer.

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