Monday, October 11, 2010

How To Remove Unwanted Property

-rural edition. Click to enlarge.

There was a vacant house where the flames are, but rather than tear it down, they set it alight. Note the water being sprayed on the (very close) house next door. I guess that's considerate, or maybe they own that property as well. The excavator is there to help knock the structure down as it burns. It stunk something horrible, I really feel for the people living across the street. They chose a somewhat windy day to carry out this burn, but I guess if you're renting an expensive piece of excavating equipment, current weather conditions be damned-that house is-a-comin' down!

This was taken on the way out of, Nebraska.

I should also note, not 500 yards from this flaming house resides someone that named their boat, "Excalibur." Except they spelled it "Exclaiber." I should have clicked a picture of that. Maybe next time.

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