Sunday, June 15, 2014

Grand Ole Opry Chic

I couldn't decide if this dress was more Loretta Lynn, or Linda Ronstadt-so I consulted Google.
OK, so that's sorted. I'd place the dress around '74 because I had a very similar dress in red and white. The fabric was just as annoyingly itchy as well. I guess I have an established history of wearing uncomfortable maxi-dresses going back decades. Loretta Lynn wouldn't have worn the hat though, she put some effort into her hair by way of a roller set.
There aren't too many places you can go dressed like a mid-70's country/western singer without getting funny looks-so we went to Council Bluffs where I had people shouting, "Hey, I like your dress" across the park. I know where I belong.
 I visited with the squirrel for a bit until...
...he bit my bottom!
I had enough of that, so I went horseback riding instead. The pony was well behaved.
A little dancing in the park is always appropriate when you're wearing gigantic sleeves. The three old winos sitting on a bench watching seemed to approve.
Outfit Particulars:
1970's maxi dress-Thrift World, Millard
1960's handbag-Goodwill
Earrings-retail, old
Rings-here and there
Shoes-K Mart
Hat-K Mart
"Hey, wait until Papa sees that we wrapped his Father's Day presents in a medical poster of the brain."
 The posters cost less than cheap wrapping paper. I stocked-up because you never know when you need anatomy wrapping paper.
Happy Father's Day.
Guess I'm off to Nashville now, though lord knows what for because...I can't sing.
Guess I'll just dance.
Have a great week everyone.


pastcaring said...

Yes, very Loretta (who looks mighty pissed off in that photo) but I'm sure Linda would have worn similar too. My goodness, look at the Sleeves of Insane Hugeness! Fabulous. of course you had to dance and prance and pose, a dress like that demands such behaviour.
Love the poster wrapping paper, genius idea. xxx

Joanna said...

Okay you had me laughing out loud in the first few sentences. Love this dress and outfit. I love how free spirited you are and how you don't restrict yourself to any time of time period or style. Linda would be so proud of you. Hey, you'd even make a good background dancer for her:) Now, I've got a goal for you find a replica of Loretta Lynn's first dress from Cole Miner's Daughter.

Sue said...

That dress is gorgeous!! Glad you got to dance about and ride horses and chat to squirrels!

I am hoping you are ok as I have just heard on our news on the TV that Nebraska has had Tornadoes. I guess Nebraska is pretty big so my fingers are tightly crossed that your part wasn't hit.

Goody said...


We're a good 100 miles from Pilger, so we're fine. Thanks for thinking of us.

It was a strange day-for a few hours our weather radio alarm was going off with all sorts of storm warnings though we only ended up with a bit of rain.

I watched that video of the dual tornado and it was chilling because the tornado that did hit us in 2008 was similar with one that hit town, and another that went down the county road taking out farmsteads and power lines all in a matter of minutes.

I'm a little surprised it made international news. I imagine there would have been more fatalities had it hit at night rather than mid-morning, though I'm sure that means nothing to the people who lost their child.

This has been a strange storm season-typically the tornado threat goes down by mid-June, instead we seem to just be getting started.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

And THIS is why I keep blogging. Yup, an amazing wench that prances about in a public park wearing the Dress of Awesome and wraps Daddy Day pressies in anatomical posters is my kinda gal. Those sleeves ... dear god those sleeves! From what I've seen in news reports, the folks in tornado zones are an incredibly hardy bunch. Destruction seems inevitable and is always, always heartbreaking yet I'm amazed at how quickly the big rigs get in there and start the clear up. Hugs xoxoxo