Sunday, June 08, 2014

Wild Thing

No, not me-I'm as mild as can be. The dressmaker is, Wildman Originals. If I'm going to have a Wildman on me (er, that sounds bad, eh?) I should get into the natural environment of a Wildman-Standing Bear Lake, in Omaha.
Speaking of the wild, I went to pose beneath this tree only to discover this Great Crested Fly Catcher had other ideas. Another soon came to the branch and they raised such a commotion! It was then we realised they had a nest. Sorry! We moved along-the last thing I need is an upset bird flapping overhead.
Know where else a Wildman will feel at home? At the community recreation centre, playing air hockey. Danny met up with another youngster who must have thought we were from outer space. He kept making references to grenades, and other weaponry, and when Danny gave him a blank look (we don't do video games) he turned to us and said, "You should teach him some big words. He's in third grade and doesn't know what a grenade is?" That was kind of funny, but then he started asking why we didn't go to various game-based amusement places in town, and Mr. ETB said, Because they're expensive, and this is free." The kid looked at him like he was speaking Old Norse and couldn't understand before timidly asking, "Don't you have any money?"
"Sure, but if we spent it all on video games we wouldn't have any money for other stuff like haircuts." He replied. The poor kid. He looked at Danny's long hair, and then at Mr. ETB whose hair is longer than mine, and softly asked, "You can't afford haircuts?" Humour is lost on kids these days, as they're so literal. Anyway, I'm sure he went home and told his parents about the poor people at the community centre that couldn't afford haircuts.
One more thing I should mention about being in the wild...
It makes my nose itch something terrible!
That's better.

Outfit Particulars:

1950's Wildman Originals dress-Hand-Me-Ups, $9.99
1950's clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups $5.99
Gloves-Can't remember
1950's Barbizon slip-Thrift World .98 cents
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrifted
Bangles-thrifted here and there
1940's Corde and Lucite handbag-Goodwill, Council Bluffs, IA
1950's velvet hat-Hand-Me-Ups $3.99
Belt-Thrift World, Millard
 I almost forgot to buy these earrings as they were in the case. I'm glad I remembered to ask to see them.
 OK, there's the leg on the vanity thing, so all is well with my hips and knees today.
On the left you see my skincare regime-cold cream at night to take off makeup, and witch hazel in the morning before makeup. I'm so low-maintenance. On the right are the nail varnishes, and my "shower specs" so I can see to shave my legs. You don't have magnifying glasses for the shower? Try it, it will change your life. You'll steam up a bit if the water is really hot, but otherwise they work really well. Yes, I'm old. And blind.
 Racy leg photo. The slip is almost too nice to hide beneath clothes, but I'm not up for wearing it as a dress. Nighty, yes. Slip, no (at least not yet anyway).

 Wait, that looks too ladylike.
Yeah, that's better.
Have an excellent week.


Connie said...

You make everything groovy. Yeah. Kids these days. They really don't have much of a sense of humor. I blame the Disney Channel. Your earrings look like candy as does your dress. Sweetness abounds. Annoyed by the fancy schmancy car culture here in So Cal my husband chose to drive a very beat up clunky powder blue Chevy and one of my son's little dimwitted schoolmates asked the same question. Are you guys poor?

Goody said...

@ Connie

I drive a 94 Tempo, but I don't think the kid saw my car! He might have pulled cash out of his wallet and given it to me if he had.

Joanna said...

Lovely outfit:) I think I may just be needing a magnifying glass soon. I notice when the kids show me something really quickly too close I have to back it up to read it…old age .

Goody said...


Yes, that whole bit of holding things at an arm's length and squinting. As soon as I saw the words "magnifying glass" I got a mental image of a coffee table with a candy dish, an ashtray, a Readers Digest, and a copy of TV Guide. Maybe a hearing-aid sitting by the phone.

Gosh, that's like seeing my future stretch out before me. I'm frightened. You can still save yourself with stylish reading glasses (or a monocle). Run! Run quickly from the magnifying glass and Reader's Digest!

Helga said...

The devil is in the details!!! Mmm, I drooled a bit when I saw you wearing gloves, and a hat...nothing like LOOKING far too ladylike to flip the bird!! Yeah, right! X

Sue said...

Humour can be wasted on the young!! Such good responses from the Mr I must say, love it!! your are looking very lovely today and I did laugh at your final photo, absolutely perfect!!

Northern mum down South said...

Oh my, those earrings are just gorgeous, as are you in this fabulous outfit. I notice you have a few bangles back on your arm, good to see.
Your story from the community centre made me laugh, off to work now with a smile on my face - thank you.

pastcaring said...

Kids, honestly... Mine are used to the heavy (over)use of sarcasm and irony, so they would have got you.
Gorgeous ladylike frock, hat and gloves, and those earrings are divine. But I'm glad to see that customary finger, lest we imagine you have become too la-de-da for the likes of me!
I wear varifocal contact lenses, they are great, and better than wearing lenses AND reading glasses on top.
Been reading your older posts (catching up, catching up) and I need to say how much I LOVE your shorts outfit, so cool! xx

Roseclouds said...

I just discovered your blog through Helga Von Trollop and you are hilarious! That haircut remark made me laugh out loud. (thanks for making my work day more bearable..shhh)

Goody said...


Welcome! Any friend of Helga's is a friend of mine.

Anything I can do to keep people from paying too much attention at work...