Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pancake Day

They're more crepes than pancakes, at least as we know pancakes in America. I used to give Danny the first one that would be slightly imperfect to nibble as we cooked, but now I rarely make imperfect crepes (practise makes perfect!) so I just let him have a few for lunch. The remainders will be baked with cooked apples and brown sugar in a sort of mountain for dessert tonight.

In other news...I took some outfit photos.
 Ignore the overexposed photo and look at the suede skirt I bought for a dollar at Goodwill. I know, right?
 What you can't see is that my oxblood boots match it exactly. If I were the sort of person that cared about matching my shoe colour to the hem of my skirt, I'd be pretty damn impressed. Instead, I match my shoes to my handbag, because in my mind it is still 1974.

 So let's see...poloneck, suede skirt, over the knee boots...oh gawd...I'm finally fashionable! How horrible! Quick, someone get me a polyester pantsuit before someone thinks I did it deliberately. Hurry!
I had to laugh at the fashion writers going nuts over the polonecks in the audience at New York fashion week. There's nothing like a record breaking cold-snap to bring out the layers, is there? Now put on some socks and stop being fools. Last week I saw someone that should have known better going sock-less on a single digit temperature day. I wanted to go next door to Walgreens and buy her a pair of socks. No fashion is worth frostbite. Anyway, glad to see some people have come to their senses and decided a warm neck is a nice thing. In the wind, you can use it as an improvised face mask too-and it won't mess up your makeup the way a balaclava would. Speaking of makeup, I'm wearing a primer that promises to minimise the red tones in my skin. I have to admit, so far it seems to be working well. I'm not sure how I feel about calling the product, "Airbrushed", but it does a good job on the red.

Outfit Particulars:

Brocade waistcoat-Liz Claiborne, early 90's
1970's tweed jacket by Country Miss-Salvation Army, Lincoln
1970's suede skirt-Goodwill
Glass beads-Thrift World
Bangles-assorted places (the glass one broke today-grr)
Earrings-Von Maur, ages ago
Fossil Handbag-Thrift World
Fragrance-L'Air du Temps (I have a review about 90% completed, so look for that soon)

Hope you enjoyed your pancake day (if you do that tradition).


Connie said...

Pancakes are a big deal at our house. Our dog is named Pancake! I love your video. Yeah. That's the stuff!

Beth Waltz said...

The suede skirt and the boots are indeed well-blended. I especially like the fullness of the skirt balanced by the weight of the fabric! * L'Air du Temps has always reminded me of an elderly aunt who had real cut flowers in her home when there were no recent funerals. Is there a word in the scent vocabulary for "what is that floral smell?"

Goody said...

Pancake the pooch is so cute you almost *could* eat him up!

@Beth Waltz
I admit to a cut flower habit like your aunt-today I came home with the most beautiful pink gladiolas and a bunch of iris. I don't consider it extravagant, but something I require to enjoy my life. I could save the money of course, but I'd rather cut the budget somewhere else and have flowers at home.

I was surprised L'Air du Temps is less floral in the newer formulation. The carnation is still there, but they've toned done the white florals considerably, and bumped-up the base of vetiver/sandalwood/and whatever it is they use in place of oak moss today. I thought I'd hate it, but it lets all the best parts of the perfume shine. Of course some people view it as a tragedy, and I thought I would too, but I rather like it. Heresy, I know.

Sue said...

It is 11:00pm and after watching the pancake video I am hungry for them!! Maybe tomorrow morning for breakfast with golden syrup drizzled on them, mmmmmmmmm!!!

Curtise said...

We are all pancake fans here! And I am also a fan of your suede skirt and matchy-matched-ness, but beg to differ about polo necks - can't wear them, they drive me crazy! xxx

Goody said...

Golden syrup is super-$$$ here so we ration it for oats or cinder toffee. And (stamps foot) it comes in a jar that gets all sticky and drips! I don't know why we can't get tins like the rest of the world.

You have a nice neck (did that sound creepy?)I wouldn't hide it either!