Sunday, February 08, 2015

Updating My Wardrobe-1938 Style

Recently, I was reading a post over at the wonderful, Witness 2 Fashion, and my eye was caught by the suggestion that adding a halter to a plain dress could help stretch a limited wardrobe. It has been years since I've worn a halter top as I need to stay fairly covered-up in the sun these days, but I have kept a few in my collection as they were too pretty to discard. I wondered, could I make it work?
 I think I nailed it. Of course, you're never fully dressed without a fart-blaster.
 This was taken outside the health food store, next door to the art store. A woman posing for photographs with a fart blaster wouldn't even raise an eyebrow over there. I was the normal one for a change.
 A bit squinty with the sun in my eyes, but the dress looks good.

I'll be examining my wardrobe through new eyes now. So many times I've nearly given away this black dress only to think, "But it is a simple black dress, you may need it someday." It isn't that I lack imagination, but layering has never been my strong point beyond perhaps a poloneck and a cardigan.
 Adding a jacket gives the whole thing a bit more sophistication, which is good because you don't want to look like just any old slob with a fart blaster.

Outfit Particulars:

Rayon Chadwick's of Boston dress-Thrift World
Halter top-ancient, can't remember
Satin jacket-Filene's, early 90's
Bangles-thrifted assorted locations
Black and white glass beads-Sarpy County Historical Society Yard Sale
Blue and brown beads-Thrift World, 90th and Maple (Omaha)
1940's suede handbag-Thrift World
Earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Feral Cat Guerlain Jicky (still don't like it, but I'm trying to understand it)

 New car selfie. Look, real headrests, not some thing we kinda-sorts glued back on after it fell off for the millionth time. Nice, dude. 
 People will stop what they are doing if you make a big production taking photos in an Office Max. I want Danny to run up to us pointing and screaming, "Look! It IS her! Oh my god, what is she doing in Omaha?!?!"

I wonder, could I get people to ask for my autograph? If I saw someone with a fart blaster in Office Max getting a photo taken, I'd wonder what was up.
 Until they got close enough to smell the Eau du Cat Glands Jicky. That might be enough to keep the fans away. Meow.
Alas, no one asked for an autograph, and I headed home with my cheap office supplies, though they no longer sell ledger books. I know, paperless society, but I'm a last-century sort of woman and I need a ledger book where I can note things in ink. Our accountant thinks I'm hopeless too. *Shrug*. 

What about you? Have you found any wardrobe stretching tips from the past that you put into practise today? I'm so inspired I may sew up a few halters from the vintage rayon prints I've been hoarding in my fabric stash. 


Sue said...

She is back and she is still bad!!! Your fart blasting gem you. I rather like the halter top over the plain back dress look. You nailed the new look. When Danny is old enough to drive you will have to get him to chauffeur you, him with a drivers hat, and you in the back with fur of course. Then a grand entrance with rent a friend taking photos, that will be me of course!!!

Mim said...

Hehehe, Attack of the Fart Blaster! It's a celebrity in its own right.

I have no wardrobe-stretching tips, though in my goth days I did live by the rule that if you wore the plainest black thing you could, all you had to do was change the accessories for a new look. (Hey, it was the 90s; minimalism was in. And saved me a fortune.)

Beth Waltz said...

Turquoise and blacks says "50s" in my style memories, Goody. Sharp and tart, this certainly works well with your glasses and the accessories. (Are fart-blasters available in basic black?)

I'm intrigued by the satin (?) jacket from Filene's. (Mum always said I'd never be big enough or mean enough for a Filene's sale event.) Is it part of an ensemble?

I'm not as thin as I was 30 years ago when I wore Halston rip-off button front shifts with a fabric tie belt. So -- I wear the relic as a long over-shirt over my version of yoga wear. This works for a day of massage and cut-and-color at the life collision repair shop.

Goody said...

YOU are the layering goddess! If you think it looks OK , then it does.
I recently had a creep follow me through a store snapping photos of me on his phone. I was dressed like a, "normal" so I have no idea what the hell that was about. I really wanted to confront him and tell him to, "Take a picture, it lasts longer" but the way people are today, I wasn't willing to risk it.

I have to confess-I have a weak spot for Goth. I could never get away with it head-to-toe as I look awful in black, but I adored the look on everyone else.

@Beth Waltz

Dresses as jackets are a great idea. You've just reminded me of a suede dress I've been neglecting-so thank you!
Filene's dress sale? Yeah, that was a contact sport. I worked at Filene's (upstairs, thanks very much) and Jordan Marsh a couple years before that. I only endured a dress sale once. It was a large communal dressing room and in the excitement someone tried to leave with the dress I wore there! Thankfully, they didn't like it and dumped it in a stack by the door for discards, but I nearly had to buy a dress just to get home. After that, I kept my shopping upstairs. The employee discount wasn't good in the basement anyway.

Curtise said...

That's a clever idea. Not that I possess a single halter neck top... I wish my boobs allowed for them, but big tits/no bra just doesn't work for me, not at all. The advantage of wearing one THIS way, however, is that you can still have good old supportive underwear on, hurray! And accessorising with a fart blaster is always a winner.
Can I have your autograph please? Oh no, it's OK, I've already got it, thanks - it'll be worth something one day! xxx

Goody said...


Are you acquainted with those "stick-on" bras? They're just the cups, with some adhesive that you can "Tape 'em up" high as you like, and go about sans bra. My latex allergy keeps me from trying them (along with a wide variety of fetish wear-life's tough, I tell 'ya) but if you're dying to go out with your back exposed, they might work.

Joanna said...

You look lovely. Great way to layer your clothing. I'm interested to see your rayons. They are so hard to find nowadays. I wish I would have stocked up in the 90s.

Goody said...


I seem to find rayon in out-of-the-way places where thrifty farm women hang onto their fabric, "Just in case I need it." Rural Nebraska has been good to me for vintage rayon, but so has Western Massachusetts. I guess the sort of place I look for is a thrift store in a place that looks like it *needs* a thrift store, not a vintage shop. We need to get you to Wahoo, Nebraska to the thrift store in the Senior Center. They sell by the bag-and if you don't fill your bag to the very top, a sweet old granny will start pulling things off the rack and stuffing them in because, "You paid two dollars for it!"

Anyway, if I can get my act together some time, I will do a post featuring some of my collection. The problem of course is that there's never enough of a single fabric to do much-but a halter top I might be able to manage.

Helga said...

Feck me, you are a star!!! With a fart blaster! You are my kinda woman!
Yeah, I like to be more covered up these days, especially with our blistering ozone layer hole burning us to a frigging crisp down here. (I'm ashamed to say I contributed to it in the 80's. big hair. 'Nuff said)
You are indeed rocking that halter.I do like a halter. But I like them with a cardigan. Must try it over the top sometime! These enormous booboids might ruin the effect, however. Hmmm.
I'm sure I have some wardrobe stretching tips. Not sure where though!
You brighten up my darkish day!

Beth Waltz said...

Your remark about "there's never enough of a single fabric" plucked a chord of memory: have you seen the frankenfrocks created by Desiree of the Pull Up Your Socks? I've some scraps of hippie Hindu cotton that might become a frankenfrock muumuu this summer...

Goody said...


"Ruin the effect?"
Everything's better with boobs.

I read that somewhere, I think it is in the US Constitution under, "Pursuit of Happiness." Or maybe it was Playboy. I can't remember. But yeah, your boobs can only improve whatever they're swathed in.

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz
Desiree is magnificent, and her Franken Frocks are works of art. I'm sure my pattern mixing skills are nowhere near hers and I'd look like I was wearing a crazy quilt (and not in a fashionable way!).

Jayne H said...

Do you have a limited wardrobe that needs stretching? Whatever, you look fab in this get up and pull off the halter neck over a dress plus fartblaster look as only you can - with panache and bags of style

Goody said...


I have a limited wardrobe...that still fits ;)