Wednesday, February 18, 2015

They're Jumping Out Windows in Boston

I loved the ten years I spent living in Boston-but I hated the snow. I hated navigating the streets of Eastie, shoveling out after a snowfall only to have a city plough come along and dump it all back on my car, and I especially hated the thaw when I'd forget, and step into a pile of cold slush at the corner. That said, seven and a half feet of snow (and more on the way) would have been the end of me. Seems some stir-crazy locals have come up with a way to entertain themselves:

For the non-locals, "Loon Mountain" is a ski resort.

The frightening thing is that I know people that would do this-for all I know they might have already.


Janice said...

That amount of snow in a rural setting is one thing. An entire city full of millions of people in gridlock from the snow is a completely different situation. I like to think that I could handle the snow better than the god awful cold we are currently experiencing. I'm not even jumping off the couch let alone out a window. Loon Mountain ha and ha.

Beth Waltz said...

Wind chills here today are -20/-30. I've kept busy inside the past few days; however, I'm now sufficiently cabin crazy to want to go forth and see people, walk in large open spaces, and get on with my job of work. Good grief, if I were confined to the house by 7' of snow I'd be either hyper or deeply depressed: this is a sad and serious situation!

Goody said...


Keep warm!
Boston is a very "walkable" city (and small), and there's good public transportation so at least they have that going for them. We lived on the top floor of a triple decker, but I have to say, I can't see myself taking a leap out the window. The landlord on the other hand...

@Beth Waltz
Dusting the books is a great way to deal with cabin fever-as a bonus you find things you'd forgotten and then have something to read (at least that's what I've been doing). Drink plenty of tea, and keep warm. These midwestern winters are no joke.