Friday, February 06, 2015

Was Gone So Long, Flares Came Back in Fashion

Just hangin' around-how about you?

Hello Everyone,

First (and most important) THANK YOU all for your kind comments, emails of encouragement, and links to funny videos. I am so incredibly lucky to know such wonderful people. You guys are the very, very best. In a world that at times seems inhabited solely by characters out of Idiocracy, being able to visit your blogs and interact with people that don't need the joke explained is the greatest. You're the smartest, funniest, most stylish group of people I could ever want to know,  and when you toss in kindness and sincerity it truly makes me feel like there's hope for humanity. I don't deserve such great people in my life, but I sure am glad to have each and every one of you. Thank you so much.

So, an update for anyone that's interested (and I completely understand if you're not because...well...BECAUSE! Ick.).

It was only today that the tooth was finally completed (by a new endodontist) after still more courses of antibiotics and  steroids (still on those). This isn't going to ever really be "over" as there's all sorts of damage to my face, sinuses, and nerves but at least the roots are gone, and the infection isn't eating away at my face. No bone loss, so that's good. I would have been better able to deal with it (things happen, I get that) but the way the original office handled it was awful (but there again I understand the impulse to try and distance yourself from blame). The physical trauma was bad, but the emotional toil was a nightmare. Just FYI-it is really difficult to find someone willing to work on a patient that was injured by someone else. I suppose I wouldn't want to get involved either. I did finally find someone, and she is a lovely woman that had an awful mess to walk into. After the horror of the last three months, and the continual pain it was just such a relief to find someone that listened, looked at the x-rays, and handed me a box of tissues when I started to cry (which I recommend avoiding because with all that swelling in the face and sinuses it isn't helpful). I went in this morning, and two hours later I left with the ordeal (fingers crossed) hopefully coming to a close. I was told to expect the healing to take a good long time because the tooth itself is now dead, but the damage to the surrounding tissues, nerves, etc. are going to need time to heal from the trauma. I'm in better shape post-op than I expected to be today, that's for certain. I'm heavily medicated, thank god.The other stuff? I've been living with lupus and RA for thirty years now-sometimes it is bad, but most of the time it isn't. I suspect when the tooth stuff calms down, everything else will too. From a distance, the rash on my cheeks almost looks like a healthy glow! Given everything, I'll count myself lucky because I know how much worse it could have been. The timing could have been better, but what can you do? *Shrug*. I just celebrated another Birthday, so if that isn't a reason to be optimistic I don't know what is.

That's about it for now. I have a few outfit posts I'll get to, but given that I've had multiple rounds of steroids it ain't gonna be pretty. I'll give you a preview because I just know you want to see my crazy flares-they're back, "In" you know. Yeah, I laughed when I heard that too. Who cares what's "in" and what's more, who ever imagined it would take a Thomas Pynchon novel being made into a film for it to happen? Someone is finally making money off Pynchon's writing-but no one expected it to be fashion designers.

Poloneck AND Flares. Not that I ever stopped wearing them. I don't imagine this is what the fashion writers have in mind. Like I care.
 This massive Triffari lucite pendant weighs quite a bit. As costume goes, this was the good stuff. I may be approaching "Peak white necklace" as this makes more than a dozen. I can't seem to help myself.

 The lovely woman (hi Susie!) at the thrift store didn't believe I would ever wear the denim jumpsuit I bought for a dollar. There's a fine line between confidence and a complete lack of dignity, but so far I haven't met too many things I wouldn't wear, if only once. The fact that I tend to wear them to the library is purely a coincidence. I think. I spend a lot of time at the library at 90th and Dodge.

...But sometimes I go to the other library at 90th and Fort. They have the "Best Red Wall in Omaha."

 I'm lucky to have two great library branches so close to home. If I turn out my street and go left, there's one-take a right and I hit the other. Something to consider when deciding where to live.
 This is a Boden dress that I love, though it does not love me. Still, some days call for a shapeless shift, and the deep, functional pockets make it a keeper.

Let's pause for a joke since my pain medication is peaking.

Q: What do you call a deer with no eyes?
A: No eyed deer.

 Q: What do you call a dead deer with no eyes?
 A: *Still* no eyed deer."
I am going to stop here so I still have the energy to go round visiting your lovely blogs. Thanks again for seeing me through a bad time-I owe you one (or several).

*Still* no eyed deer?


Connie said...

Damn it, Goody. Would you please stop looking so good? Sheesh! We're so happy you're back a bloggin'. Of course you will wear a denim jumpsuit because it is awesome! The last time I bought what I thought was gorgeous fabric, the saleslady asked if I was making a costume! Heck yeah. A costume for this drama called LIFE.

Curtise said...

You're back, and I'm so delighted to see you, Ms JJ! What a shitty time you've had - yeah yeah, I know it could always be worse, but it sounds bad enough, and I can only imagine how painful and upsetting the whole episode has been. I'm sure the healing process (physical and emotional) will be a protracted affair, but at least you are on that road now. And I'm sending love and a careful hug, if that helps.
So quite how you have managed to look so stylish and take photos while all this was going on, I don't know, but I think it must be the Power of the Seventies! Those check flares with the long red coat look amazing, and you're rocking that denim jumpsuit - go back to the thrift shop and show Susie how great you look!
As to the vodka trick; yes, it dissipates, you don't go around smelling like you've been secretly boozing all day (though vodka smells less than other alcohol, I find...) I've been misting the clothes with about a 2/3 water and 1/3 vodka mix (half and half sometimes with no ill effects) and left them hanging up for a week or so, and they now smell of wool, albeit old wool, rather than knock-you-back mustiness. It doesn't work total miracles, obviously, but it really does help.
PS. That pendant is fantastic, and could double up as a self-defence implement, so it's extra brilliant. ("But Officer, I only slapped him with my necklace after he patted my bottom, I didn't mean to knock him out...")

Beth Waltz said...

The intense reds of the Boden 'sack' and your lipstick are very flattering when you add those blue beads! Your recent ordeal has not dulled your eye for color, Goody.

But how are your taste buds? When I went through a session with an endodontist, he recommended vats of yoghurt post-op to replenish the good bugs that aid digestion. (I bought my yoggs, but have no doubt you'll raise your own, probably Bulgarian...)

Jayne H said...

You're back, I missed you. Glad you found someone to sort out the mess someone else had made and sounds like you are now on the right road to get on with things again. Your outfit posts are accessorised beautifully, and I wouldnt expect anything less. I love Curtise's comment about your pendant doubling up as a self defence implement. Red really suits you and I agree some days you just need a shift dress with deep pockets. Welcome back dear Goody.

Goody said...

I live in the land of fleece-wear, which is about 90% of the fabric store. The other 10% is quilting cotton. I'd probably get the same question if they had any interesting fabric to buy.

I have just the jacket in need of some freshening-up, so I'm off to buy a spray bottle this weekend. If anyone tries patting my bottom they're going to be hit with considerably more than a lucite pendant!

@Beth Waltz
I loathe yoghurt-in all forms, flavours, and nationalities. I'll eat it if someone serves it to me, but not without wincing a bit in my brain. Strange, because I like skyr, and sour cream, and even some quark-but I cannot stand yoghurt-never could. I do however have some Culturelle capsules which do the same thing without enduring whatever it is they put in those little cups of the devil's fermentation. And yes, I've made my own-the family loved it, but I couldn't touch it. Go figure.

Thank you for the warm welcome. I've missed being here, and visiting your blogs. It took me years to wear red after enduring years in a Hudson's Bay red blanket coat that was bought quite large ensuring I'd, "Grow into it." I grew ever so slowly, and finally "lost" it on a bus one day when I was about fourteen. I'm slowly returning to wearing red.

Autumn said...

Lets try this again, third times a charm: So glad to see you and happy to hear the end is in sight!!

Goody said...


Thank you! Is Blogger eating your comments too? I've been finding that problem on other blogs of late as well. I never updated to Google+ as I hate the idea of being tracked across the web (more than I already am) but it does make it hard for people to use my blog sometimes.

Sue said...

God I am SOOOOOO glad you are back!!! And on the improve, because there is only one way from here and that is to get better. And even if the steroids make you grow things you normally wouldn't grow like a cock, I will still be a follower and blogging friend. Wish I lived near so I could come round and make you laugh and have fun. BUT you are back on the Blog, not the bottle, but the blog. YAHFRICKENHOOOOO!! I have missed you so much.

Sue said...

PS: Happy Birthday to you for the other day, you don't look any older but you certainly are wiser. So Happy Birthday Gorgeous. mwa mwa!!

Goody said...

Don't worry, if I grow a cock from all the steroids this will be the first place I display it! Now, those stray hairs on my chin are quite another story.

You'll always be my friend, and I yours! Thanks for the nice words and birthday wishes (it was a low-key day, which was fine by me).

Mim said...

Woohoo, you're back! I hope things weren't too painful for you on your birthday. It's good to know someone's finally sorting it all out.

A splendid selection of outfits there, but the grey blouse with the circles is the one I'd steal from you ;-)

Joanna said...

I'm sorry you have to go through so much pain. I hope it gets back to normal for you. I can see how it also effect so many other areas. Peace to you dear Goody! It's great you are able to keep your spirits up!

Helga said...

O, fuck I am glad you're back, and even more glad that something good is starting to happen in nasty tooth world.
You look mega HAWT in flares!!!Especially those flares! Love 'em!