Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Keep an Eye on Me...

...well, the London Eye, anyway.

This was the second of the cheaply made skirts I ordered from Chicwish. I had to spend a bit of time snipping all the hanging threads and steaming the material before it was wearable, and as I pointed out in an earlier review, I cannot recommend buying anything from Chicwish. Both skirts were really junk, and I could do much better for that sort of money. I wanted to make that clear, as you might get a different impression looking at the photos here. Yes, it looks OK on a computer screen, but if you could see the shoddy  sewing and flimsy fabric in person it would be a different story. I did want to clarify that point so readers might not be tempted to track down this skirt. I bought it, and I'm wearing it-but I'm not happy about it.

I've been seeing several reviews of the company on fashion blogs and I have to wonder if people's standards have sunk so low that the flaws seem unremarkable? I recently saw the castle skirt I purchased reviewed on another blog and hers looked as terrible as mine-right down to the uneven hem! Sure, I can accessorise the skirt within an inch of its life and make it presentable, but that's no substitute for something made correctly. Okie dokie, rant over. We now return you to your regular blog viewing.
As I get older it becomes more difficult to tell blue from black. It drives Danny crazy when I hold something up asking what colour it is. Mr. ETB has taken to only buying black socks, which seems as good a way to deal with it as any. This skirt perplexed me. It isn't black or blue but some strange grey that didn't quite work with anything in my wardrobe. Most of the time black goes with everything, but here is looked so harsh I had to try several combinations before I settled on blue. Is the skirt blue or black? Who the hell knows?
The skirt would be much better without the puffy, pleated at the top lining. My hips don't need extra padding, thanks very much. I might un-pick the lining and wear it with a proper crinoline, but again I do resent re-sewing something that wasn't exactly a bargain to begin with. If this had been twenty bucks, I might be more forgiving. 
 Negatives aside, the skirt did get several compliments from strangers. I resisted pulling up the hem to show them how poorly constructed it is, and instead simply said, "Thank you." I also resisted the urge to point out I'm at least 25 lbs. lighter than it makes me look. 

Outfit Particulars:
Skirt-Chicwish (aka-Fast Fashion Garbage)
Blouse-K Mart
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
Rings-all over
Vintage vinyl clutch bag-Goodwill
Fragrance-Bvlgari Amethyst

I think I'll just stand here in the doorway admiring my yellow coneflowers. 

Hope mid-week is treating you well.


Bibi said...

Hmm...well, the sky portion of the skirt looks dark blue to me.
I sometimes hang at xojane & xovain with the 'quirky, irreverent, offbeat' young feministas (less bloodthirsty & histrionic than the Jezebel sorts) & they're all mad for a clothing site called ModCloth.
ModCloth's hip and perky mission statement-
"ModCloth is democratizing fashion one indie, vintage, and retro-inspired style at a time! We welcome you to our wonderful world of unique clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoes, where fresh floral patterns and flirty designs flourish, and fun frocks and fabulously flattering swimwear spring into style. ModCloth provides an exciting and engaging online shopping experience for everyone in search of cute clothing with remarkable flair. Dozens of darling designs are added daily, so check back often for our perfect pieces of statement jewelry, the dresses you've been dreaming of, coveted vintage pieces, and an ever-expanding array of unique clothing. We're your sweetest source for women's clothing and uncommonly cute fashion!"
Also based in San Francisco & looks like poorly made Chinese crap too.

Goody said...

@Bibi I haven't seen their clothes in person, but their site drives me bananas. Every dress/skirt/etc. has a name. "Summer in Newark", "Eating Popsicles at the Drag Races", and that sort of thing-though with less interesting names. They're over priced as well.

"Darling", "Cute", "Flirty", etc. I can't stand that sort of marketing. I like Talbots where it is OK to admit you're cranky and probably never getting laid again, but your dresses aren't held together with overlocked stitching.

Goody said...

I really would love to be let loose on a clothing site naming the dresses. Can you imagine?!

Bibi said...

If these young ladies are willing to pay $30 on a 'retro inspired' t-shirt with an owl printed on it I doubt they'd care if their skirt was held together with overlocked stitching or even Scotch tape. Didn't Old Navy already do the faux retro/vintage t-shirt thing to death almost 20 yrs ago & for $10 or less at that? Most of ModCloth's styles look like Old Navy rubbish at Gap prices.