Thursday, August 06, 2015

No, I Was Young At One Time...

. response to the woman that asked if I'd, "Always been vintage?"

In fact, I remember way back when I was just, "Old clothes." My how the times change.
I can't imagine why people look at us strangely.
Really puzzling, it is.

Anyhoo, back when I was the Great Fly Hunter's age, and "vintage" was "old clothes" I built up an interesting collection. I wonder what they'll be calling it in 30 years when all the 90's slip dresses are old-Post, Post Vintage? But yes, to answer the question in the spirit it was intended, I've always dressed as I please.
 In my teenaged years, when my friends were reduced to tears over jeans that wouldn't fit, or hair that wouldn't cooperate I was throwing on roomy 40's rayon dresses and covering my misbehaving hair with hats. I may have looked like Eleanor Roosevelt, but at least I wasn't risking a ruptured spleen squeezing myself in a pair of Jordache. I have a slightly traumatic memory of watching a friend lie down and pull up her zipper with pliers. Forced between fashionable clothes, and eating I'll always choose the latter.
You only get one spleen, kids. Don't waste it on skinny jeans or corsets.

 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage patio dress-Fairytale Costumes, Omaha
Clamper bracelet-Mum's(60's)
Southwestern rings-Mums(60's)
Pewter and gemstone earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Necklace-Mum's (70's)
Shoes-K Mart

Danny's Wearing:
Ralph Lauren seersucker trousers-Dillards
Jelly and Steele Shirt-Marshalls
My dad's old tie (60's)
Fly Glasses-Nobbies
Tie Tack-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Elizabeth Arden Green Tea and Honeysuckle (he likes it, I'm undecided)

 Have you always had a style of your own, or did it come with age, wisdom, and the sacrifice of your spleen? Do tell.


Connie said...

Oh that silver Rick Rack. Gorgeous. I've always liked vintage though we used to call it second hand. Mainly because I'm kinda short and it's hard to find clothes off the rack that fit me and people used to be smaller and Oh Those Fabrics! They just don't make em like that any more. I love the way Dani dresses. It must be genetic. My son shpos at the Salvation Army just like his old mom.

Connie said...

DANNY!!!! My autocorrect changed the spelling of your name!

Bibi said...

Danny has just the fashionably deshabille 70's hairdo to pull off the 'Super Fly' modster look!
EA's Green Tea & it's myriad flankers are what are what they are, simple & pleasant.
I have always been hard to fit.
I never shopped thrift earlier because I mistakenly thought my size would be impossible to find there.
Then I lost a lot of weight & changed sizes rapidly. So I started shopping thrift to cheaply accommodate my rapidly changing size. Shopping thrift allowed me to try a huge range of styles very inexpensively. (And my size was NOT so impossible to find 2nd hand.) Eventually I found that the 50's 'sweater girl' look suited my 'hard to fit' figure & personality. Then I moved to India & sold nearly all my fab 50's wardrobe. The root of suffering is attachment. Ommmmm shanti shanti..........
Oh well, I am accruing quite the traditional Indian wardrobe now.

Sue said...

Go you two!!! I like you have always dressed basically however I have wanted to. When it was all jeans and t-shirts I was wearing short skirts and singlets. Even at school when being subjected to wearing a god awful KILT as part of our uniform mine was ankle length when the trend was as short as you could get away with. Yeah, I have always dressed for ME!! And ME is happy!!

Goody said...

"Second hand", that's right, I;d forgotten that term. I've heard, "Second leg" used too, but less often,

Saree silks are so much more glam than 50's vintage. I'll bet you look magnificent.

You really do convey happy. Ain't doing your own thing great?

Mim said...

I think it took me a long time to develop a style of my own. I always have this fear that I'm not doing xxxx (goth, vintage, whatever) right. And I always makes mistakes when I try to dress the way other people expect! Getting older, it's become easier to ignore the expectations of others.

In recent years I've come to realise that I do have a basic style: I like things sleek and streamlined, don't play with proportions much, I like prints to be quite graphic, and I'd rather wear/carry a few dramatic accessories than drape myself in the things. That was true of my goth wardrobe (favourite clubbing outfit: long tight black velvet dress, opera-length string of pearls, shoes.), and it's true of my vintage one.

Goody said...

I've always wondered what is going on in the minds of people that comment whether someone is doing a style, "Correctly." They must have rather empty lives.

There's a lot of overlap from goth to vintage, isn't there? I like your style very much, and your accessories are always eye-catching.

Mim said...

Yes, I think it stems a bit from the Victorian side of things - hence there's an overlap with steampunk and goth too. Back in my clubbing days I had a 20s bob, had quite a flapper look, and would swap 20s mixtapes with a friend when we met dancing. Here in the UK the goth/alternative scene has embraced the 50s silhouette quite a lot; Hell Bunny has become a popular brand.

I still listen to all my old goth music, but my clubbing days are far behind me.