Sunday, August 30, 2015

Status Handbags

Making my way through the tinned food aisle at Bakers today, my eye was caught by a teenager carrying a $2,000 handbag. Oh, I didn't know it was a $2,000 bag until I got home and did a web search, but something about the way she was carrying it (to be noticed) made me take a second look at what at first glance was a somewhat klunky, boring looking handbag. "Oh, Bally. That's an expensive bag, I get it" I thought to myself noting that her scrawny arm could barely support the massive thing.

Aside from the fact it was an ugly bag (subjective, I know) what seems sad is that fifteen year old girls are carrying bags that cost more than a good used car. Look, I'm not going to tell people how to spend their money. Buy handbags, or lose it all at the racetrack-it is none of my business. I just can't get over the fact that the luxuries are being lavished on children. Is there anything left to look forward to by the time they're adults?

OK, enough ranting, lets get to the outfit that cost about ten dollars top to bottom.

I love you sweetheart, but Bally doesn't make expensive waist-bags to hold Eppi-Pens. Sorry.

Outfit Particulars:
Polyester dress with jacket-Salvation Army, Lincoln (another of the bargains from last week)
Crown Triffari white lucite and gold pendant-Hand-Me-Ups
Mapleleaf brooches-Both Thrift World
Vintage lucite clip earrings-Et Cetera, Seward
Gold belt-Hand-me-Ups
Shoes-K Mart
Bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups (part of a parure with earrings and necklace)
Vinyl handbag-Goodwill
Fragrance-Good Old Shalimar (mood thing, but I still love it)

My hot rollers will have to wait. I opened the box to use them and noticed they were covered in blonde hair! Someone returned them, and they were clearly used. I took them back, and I'm hoping they don't end up on the shelf again. I didn't bother exchanging them at that shop because...yuck. 

Instead, I lightly brushed and re-rolled my hair into regular rollers, then sprayed the hell out of it again, and day two-no sign of it budging! All hail the power of Aqua Net!

 I spotted this nutcracker at Tuesday Morning. I want it in the worst way, but won't part with real money to buy it.

The texture on this bag is interesting. I'm sure it was a cheap bag at the time it was made, but the shape and look are just perfect today. And it didn't cost $2,000. It cost $1.99. 

If you could, would you buy a teenager a $2,000 bag? Am I just being a silly old lady? Do tell.


Propagatrix said...

Heavens, no. I would not invest braces money or college money or nose job money on a purse that she would want replaced next season. Perish the thought.

Sue said...

Totally agree with the overkill of spending 2G on a BAG!! Just think how much stuff you and I could collect for the same amount and have way more fun doing it and using/wearing it all. 2nd hand rules!! Personally I am all good with a good looking fake.

Bibi said...

The first time we flew to Singapore there was this tiny Filipino woman wresting with this HUGE tangerine colored Hermes briefcase looking thing down the aisle on the plane- conspicuously holding it so that those in the 'know' could recognize the genuine Hermes buckle. That was in business class too- so she had at least twice the space to maneuver as in cattle class/economy. I later found out that Hermes thing was about $15,000- $20,000 in price.

In Singapore you are definitely 'outre' if you're female & between the ages of 3 to 93 & not carrying a handbag worth at least $10K (Hong Kong too.) High end brand handbags are one of the few thing Asians will buy used. They like Coach too. I have 2 Coach handbags from the 80's that are probably worth about $3K each (YES they are metallic! One is metallic faux python & the other is bejeweled gold lame.) I think the Sheikh & I need to take a vacation in Singapore again so's I can sell them.
I love that nutcracker but am laughing at the security tag on her leg. Do people shoplift nutcrackers nowadays?

Radostin said...

If I had the money, I doubt I'd buy myself a 2000 dollar handbag.
I love the texture on your bag, and a much better price!
Is that nutcracker supposed to be the Queen? Certainly reminds me of her!

msarborvitae said...

They sell pretty convincing fakes in places like NYC's Chinatown. I suspect a lot of bags aren't really genuine now.

Mim said...

Nice double-brooching there.

If I had £2000 to spend, it wouldn't go on a bag. Not on just one bag, at any rate, I could do a year's worth of clothes and then some for that. And probably a decent holiday on top.

In the park recently a woman with a grizzling toddler asked us if we thought it was safe for her to go in the duck pond as the toddler had dropped her phone in and was upset. Erm, no, we replied, it could have broken bottles or other sharp discarded litter at the bottom and the water definitely isn't clean. But seriously, who buys a phone for a toddler? They can't even understand numbers to make calls!

Curtise said...

Oh good grief, of course I wouldn't buy a bag that cost that much, for me or a teenager! If you are a silly old lady for saying so, then so am I. I would far rather encourage good sense and thriftiness in my kids, and the understanding that the thing you carry all your crap around in is not a status symbol, it's just a bag.
Incidentally, when we get fake designer bags donated to the charity shop, we aren't allowed to sell them, we have to destroy them. I'm not convinced about the rationale for this, seems like a waste to me. If we clearly labelled them as Not The Real Thing and customers are prepared to buy them, does it do much further harm? Not sure, I need to ponder this one.
Fabulous suit, btw! xxx

ThriftyParka said...

Holy moly! I hope that teenager was borrowing mum's, or maybe grandma's
designer purse.

When we were in Chicago we went to that fancy outlet mall where we visited Prada. As much as I oohed and awed over the fine leather and the beautiful stitching I could never spend that much on something that ends up on the car floor.

On the rare occasions when I bought a brand new purse I spent about $70. I recently paid $9 for a brand new leather Rex at the Salv Army and I'm thrilled to bits with it!!!

I've also found many Coach bags (I'm sure half of them are very good fakes) and a very nice Pendleton at thrift stores. I didn't pay more than $20 for any of them.

Goody said...

That's true-I hadn't thought of it being a single season use kind of thing. Gah, where do people get that kind of money?

Hear, hear!

$20,000 for a bag. I can't find the words. I had a Coach bag years ago as well (gift from the parents) and I hated it, rarely wore it, and gave it away. I guess that was foolish. Who knew they would end up worth that kind of money?

It is the Queen, but they made a terrible error-he shoes don't match the bag. One needs a matching handbag and shoes!

I hadn't considered that it might be a fake. That would make more sense.

Where I live, EVERYONE buys phones for toddlers. They think it is educational having them play games on a phone. What's worse, I've seen parents and older children sitting side by side texting each other. The logic is that life is so dangerous, every child needs a phone to keep them safe from whatever thing it is we're terrified of this week. I suspect it is also a convenient tracking device for parents. If some creep is following you, you should be worrying about running, not sending a text!

Our stores just sell them, without any special label-but the price is a good indicator. This has worked out well for me as people no longer recognise the good stuff and assume it is all fake. I don't care for Lulu Guinness bags, but I was happy to pick one up for a couple bucks-someone will want it.

@Thrifty Parka
Prada outlet? I don't know why I find that amusing, but I do. And it still isn't affordable, huh?

Northern mum down South said...

Step away from the nutcracker Goody, you can better put the money into your handbag(s) fund. . . I received a new handbag as a gift this year and I already have a biro mark on it - I'm just not meant to have expensive things

Beth Waltz said...

Nay, that is Ma'am and she does wear her sensible black shoes with any color she likes, because they don't show scuffs. She does usually carry a matching bag, which serves double duty as a back rest when she's being ferried about in an open carriage designed for larger royals. Carry a $2,000 bag? Why would she bother? She knows everyone is admiring her hat.

Goody said...

Believe me, I won't be buying any nutcrackers that cost $30.00 USD. I sympathise with messing up new, expensive things. My first wear of an antique jade bracelet saw it slip from my wrist and shatter beyond repair. That was my moment of swearing off expensive purchases.

@Beth Waltz
The older I get, the more I understand the appeal of low block heels on shoes. Once, I found a pair of black ballerina flats I rather liked so I went back to the store and ordered fifteen pair. The clerk looked at me like I was mad, but for about as many years I had comfortable black shoes I liked. The last pair ran out about five years ago. If I could find shoes like HRH wears, I'd order enough to see me through the next decade or so.

Mim said...

Her Madge's shoes are Anello and Davide (who also made boots for the Beatles!), she's been wearing the same style for half a century. That's Queens, though - if you look at any of them, whether it's her, or Bea of the Netherlands* (abdicated), Max of the Netherlands**, Mathilde of Belgium***, they all find a look that works for them and they WORK it. Given Liz is still doing around 300 engagements a year at her age, if she wants comfy shoes, she should have them. :-)

*Wide 3/4 sleeves, cake hat
**Big hat or turban, maximum bling
***Channelling Audrey Hepburn