Thursday, August 27, 2015


The dress is peachy anyway. Me? I'm just fuzzy. I'm sure it is just back-to-school jitters which aren't any better when you're the teacher! Once I start filling out the grade-book and lesson plans I feel better, but those last few days before the semester starts never fail to give me sleepless nights. Everything always seems so overwhelming when viewed from the starting point. Thank god I'm neurotic obsessive organised. I know people who can shift gears without difficulty, but classroom improvisation isn't for me. I couldn't Unschool as the lack of structure would drive me mad. Fortunately, we all seem to do well with a schedule.
Know what would make everything better? Cheese. I'm serious. When life gets stressful people tend to either pour a drink, or put the kettle on. Here, in the American Midwest, we get out the cheeseboard. I have two types of Gouda, some Havarti, and an aged Cheddar. I'm told that cheese is one of the worst things for headaches, but they say that about chocolate, wine, and caffeine-and those don't give you calcium! You need calcium in menopause, so that block of Gouda is therapeutic. You can keep the crackers, I'm just in it for the dairy.  I could fall and break a hip at my age, so I'm thinking of the cheese as insurance. A nice, soft cushion of curds. Mmmm, curds.
Outfit Particulars:
1960's polyester maxi-Salvation Army
1970's home-sewn jacket-Goodwill
1950's woven handbag-Et Cetera thrift store, Seward, NE
Massive Bakelite bangle-Goodwill, Grand Island ($1.99!)
1960's beads-Et Cetera
Vintage copper earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Givenchy Dahlia Noir

Hey! Where is everybody?! You damn kids, give me back my specs! You won't think it's so funny when I tell your parents what you're up to. 

I gotta go eat some cheese and chase beatniks off my lawn. 
See you (well, maybe not...everything is kind of blurry at the moment).


Bibi said...

Loving the peplum, peach & coral lippy on you!
Out of all the things I miss about the US, cheese would be the #1 food. We have yummy yak cheese here which tastes like a cross between Gruyere & am Emmenthaler but how I'd love a good cheddar or sheep's milk Manchego.

Propagatrix said...

Cheese is life. The fancy grocery near me provides my lifeline: Carr Valley Bread Cheese. It's very much like halloumi, but not squeaky or wet. Same grocery carries Wisconsin four-year-aged cheddar. Occasionally they have five-year, and I always wonder if it's just the four-year-old cheddar that's had a birthday.

Mim said...

Great print on the top of your maxi.

I could not go without cheese. We have two sorts in the house, 'cooking cheese' (gruyere and parmesan) and 'eating cheese' (whatever takes my fancy, but usually includes a mature cheddar and a good blue). I live not *that* far from the town of Cheddar. My favourite is the cave-aged stuff, though I usually only get that at Christmas.

Goody said...

Yak butter/cheese is such a staple in cold climates I'm surprised it hasn't caught on here. I seem to remember it having a moment in the 90's, but only in the fancy specialty food places. I mean, goat milk/cheese is everywhere now-why not yak? I'd send you a block of cheddar if I could.

I'm imagining a cooler full of "aged" cheese where they slap a new label on every year. I saw a story about some discovery of a 100 year old cheese in a cellar in Wisconsin that when cut open was still edible, though grainy and hard. At first I thought they were crazy to try it, but honestly, I think I would have been tempted too.

Mr. ETB considers parmesan an eating cheese. To me, it is like eating wax, but he enjoys nibbling on slices of it.

OK, next time you go to Cheddar take photos, and I promise next time I pass through Colby, Wisconsin I will do the same. This could be an interesting blog idea-posts from birthplaces of famous cheeses. A blog cheese tour...I like the potential!

Sue said...

I take my hat off to you for home schooling Danny. He is so lucky to have such an amazing mother, so pat yourself on your back and 'say marvelous me'. I blink and you have done at least three more blog posts so off I go to catch up. Happy weekend when it turns up in your part of the world.

Beth Waltz said...

A favorite destination trip is Jungle Jim's superb market on Old Dixie Hwy 4 in Fairfield/Cincy. There really is a Jim, who adores supplying produce (bus loads of foodies come for tours!) and cheese from around the world. I'm working my way through the local goat section now.

Those copper earrings pair well with the faux flower. Whatever happened to the copper jewellery hobby? * Wow! what a Bakelite bracelet! Reminds me of the Pauline Trigere (sp?) and her giant tinted tortie glasses of the 50s and 60s -- which would look well on you.

Goody said...

Thank you, but I'm anything but amazing. I muddle through just like everyone else.

@Beth Waltz
I seem to remember hammering a copper bracelet for my mother at school one year. You're right, it is a hobby due for a comeback.