Sunday, August 30, 2015

Caftan Sunday-Flower Power Edition

 60's caftan purchased at Salvation Army in Lincoln (part of the vintage dress haul).
Have a finger-flipping week, everyone!


Connie said...

That is full on 100% muumuu perfection. You are a Goddess.

Sue said...

Flippin' straight back at ya!!

Bibi said...

Loving the muu muu & the socks with gold slides. Senior sophistication at it's finest!

Radostin said...


Mim said...

Nobody flips the bird like you!

Curtise said...

Utterly glorious colours - you are the Kaftan Queen! xxx

Goody said...

The Venus of Willendorf?

It's like a salute.

I'll have you know those aren't just any old socks, but special old lady seamless socks that help my poor circulation. They're marketed to diabetics, but they're pretty good for Reyunaud's too.

thank you!

I should hope not...kinda vulgar, don't you think?

I was tempted to unpick the seams and make a skirt from the fabric, but then thought better of it. I can always find a skirt, but good leisure clothing (that isn't fleece or a shell suit) is hard to come by.

Beth Waltz said...

Looking at your colorful, comfortable attire -- suitably accessorized with sensible socks and sandals, and a faultlessly executed gesture of attitude to the non-believers -- one wonders why other women schlepp to the market in stoopid shoes and ugly-on-anyone sweats.

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz
I reckon I could applique the word, "JUICY" across the behind area to be more fashionable ;)

I can't say enough nice things about the diabetic socks though. They make them in black trouser sock weight too. I should do a proper review-good socks are worth raving about.