Monday, August 03, 2015

Lancaster County Super Fair 2015

I need a similar sign to hang on our front door.

We took a drive down to Lincoln to see what the 4-H kids were doing, and size-up the competition for the State Fair. Let me tell you, there are some very talented young people in Lancaster County!
 A lovely fairy garden. Don't the fairies look pleased? They seem so happy in their beautiful little garden.
 Prize winning vegetables. Those are impressive for this early in the growing season. We had quite a cold spring and early summer here, and Lancaster County had some terrible flooding early on. Well done, salvaging the growing season.
 Cupcakes decorated to look like corn-on-the cob! I think these are about the cutest cupcakes I've ever seen.
 A lovely bouquet of cupcakes. These are so perfectly formed. I wonder how much time was spent pinching marshmallows into pointed petals?
 Wonderful sewing.
 My favourite was a dress woven from VHS tapes.
 A well-deserved Blue Ribbon.
 There were exhibits by very young children as well (5-8 years). This blue fella looks a bit like me first thing in the morning.
Colourful weaving.

 The children raising chickens had to leave them home this year due to the outbreak of bird flu in Iowa and Nebraska. They built this giant display instead.
 Aww, isn't that sweet?
And a bottle of sick-chicken medicine made from a hay bale and a rubbish bin lid. Get better soon, birdies.
Requisite tractor photo. You don't grow up on a farm and skip the tractor photo at the fair. Danny was always partial to Deere, but New Hollands are nice. There was a time when Danny was about five that he could describe in detail all the finer points of most farm equipment. If you ever visit Lincoln, Nebraska be sure to put the Tractor Test Museum at UNL on your itinerary.
An ill-tempered, fifteen pound rabbit. Jugged hare, anyone?

We are less than four weeks from the State Fair. The excitement is building!

Thanks to all the talented 4-H kids for their hard work putting together the exhibits at the Lancaster Fair. You did a fantastic job!


Bibi said...

That vhs tape dress is amazing!
A New Holland or John Deere tractor is quite the status symbol here in Nepal (although both are built in India by a division of Tata motors).

Mim said...

Excellent handicrafts - those cakes must have taken so much work, but can be eaten so quickly!

John Deere and Massey-Ferguson were the two big tractor brands where I grew up.

Goody said...

Those tractors cost more than some houses-they're a status symbol here too! Can you imagine how hot (and itchy) it would be to actually wear that dress?

@ Mim
We almost never see Massey-Ferguson tractors here unless it is at an antique tractor show. For some reason they fell out of popularity despite being thought of as the, "Classic" tractor. Go figure.

Sue said...

I dare you to put 'I bite' at your door!! What a cool fair, I loved going to things like that when I was a kid, they just don't have them like that anymore here. LOVE the colourful weaving.

Beth Waltz said...

This rabbit reminds me of a Belgian Giant playmate of my very early childhood. Bite? My bunny buddy enjoyed walks on a leash in a city park and tolerated no nonsense from yappy little dogs whom he outweighed. He once sucker-punched an old lady's terrier into a bed of begonias. When she complained to my father, he explained her dumb dog was lucky BG hadn't ripped his guts out -- as ill-tempered large male rabbits are wont to do.

Goody said...

I'm sorry to hear the Field Days are dying out in NZ-that was one of the first things I remember learning about NZ. That, and you have the best wool in the world.

If I put up a sign like that some pervert might take it as an invitation!

The Killer Bunny Rabbit!