Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bugger Off, I'm Full-a Sneak Peek at Danny's Mr Creosote Birthday Cake

 What can I say? Did I think my kid's favourite movie would end up being The Meaning of Life? Well, no-but I much prefer it to Star Wars!

I made the rolled-out tablecloth and food from butter and icing sugar rolled out like fondant. Creosote's head is a ball of cake scraps held together with jam and then coated with white chocolate. His tux is regular buttercream frosting. The vomit is wholemeal breadcrumbs and buttercream. I knew there was a reason I religiously save and dry the heels of bread-they come in handy! 

Here's a short video (and as a bonus you can laugh at my accent)

I've baked some strange cakes over the years, but this was an achievement. I'll have to stick a candle in it tomorrow, The Meaning of Life quilt is coming along, and should be done in a month or so (Danny rarely gets his Birthday quilt on his Birthday). I completed the gingerbread house as well (and it is still standing) so as far as I'm concerned, the baking is done. I need to give the pudding a final steam on Christmas, but that's it for me!

Look what arrived in today's post!
Thank you, Sue! Danny's excited to have a New Zealand stamp as well.

 It is still unseasonably warm, so I decided to get another wear out of my raincoat and matching skirt before it gets too cold.
 I also let my hair go wild because...oh hell, do I need an excuse?

I don't need an excuse...and neither do you. 


Curtise said...

That cake is a work of genius. Madness, but genius. I think you could go into business producing alternative celebration cakes, you have the creative vision and the skills to execute!
You know I love big splashes of red, so the matching coat and skirt are making me happy. Wild hair? Go for it! xxx

Sue said...

Glad you got your card before the BIG day!! Hope you like the collage inside it!! Danny has superb taste in movies, Monty Python is my all time fav. I have even told my lads when I fly the coup for the very last time they have to play 'always look on the bright side of life' when my box goes out the door and I want audience participation via the whistling!! You make the best cakes and I am so looking forward to the quilt now.

Beth Waltz said...

A recipe for fake vomit is not the usual fare for holiday baking posts. However, one never knows when one might need it. And you did succeed in the task. One anxiously (And, yes, I do know the difference between "anxiously" and "eagerly". More than some TV presenters can boast.) anticipates the premiere of The Quilt.

The coat and skirt combo is striking! The clunky crystal is exactly the right visual weight for the panels of red. Pity you're not wearing this to the Chicago Art Institute for a holiday luncheon in the dining room overlooking the interior courtyard. *sigh* But now even the AI has the barbarians at the gates. Let's hope the gates hold.

Vix said...

That cake is bastard genius, you should seriously consider a sideline from the library, alternative celebration cakes are much better than all that appealing Frozen endorsed shite we get here.
Loving the red raincoat on you. xxx

Connie said...

Monsieur Creosote!!! That is so brilliant. He's one of my favorites as well. I've never enjoyed a recipe for vomit as much as yours. And by the way I love your accent. It sounds vaguely familiar.

Goody said...

I cannot imagine anyone paying for a cake like this, but then I guess you never know.

We LOVED the collage! Next Christmas we'll come down to visit you-obviously you know how to enjoy the holidays!

I hadn't heard about the Art Institute-are they being sold off to a corporate entity or something? I don't recall ever lunching there, but I do remember waiting for the bus to the south side out front. More often than not, it would just blow by without stopping. I don't miss Chicago. The place to have a holiday lunch was the Walnut Room at Field's. I sort of miss that.

Thank you. We must be the only family in America that hasn't seen Frozen, but the wee ones do seem to love it. Mercifully, my kid has strange taste in film.

I have a disappearing accent (I can't blame anyone wanting to lose it). I'm capable of ditching it (thanks, theatre training!) but the older I get, the more militant I become about keeping it. It drove my mother bananas because she thought it sounded so working class I'd never be successful in life. Personally, I think it just irritated her that I sounded like my dad.

Mim said...

That cake is fantastic. I showed him to my husband - he loves Python - and he was really impressed too.

I've never seen Frozen either, and have no intention of doing so...

Goody said...

Thank you.
Can I confess that I never saw Titanic either?

Bibi Maizoon said...

You have captured Mr Creosote's face & expression to perfection.
That brilliant red raincoat is stunning on you also!!!
All Disney crap is banned in my household.
Titanic was very popular here in Nepal during the Maoist 'People's War'. Teenaged rebels were seen sporting bandannas & waving banners portraying the title & scenes from the movie everywhere. Evidently the 'forbidden' romance & class difference of Jack & Rose appealed to the young Maoists & their newly found sentiments ( & hormones). I am SOOO glad they finally discovered Che Guevara.

Goody said...


I'm glad they discovered Che too!