Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Lanvin My Sin/Mon Peche-Review

I should point out that I'm not a Lanvin fragrance devotee (though I'd kill for the vintage clothes). Arpege gives me a headache,and Eclat Arpege smells like room deodouriser. My Sin is an old fragrance, and has been discontinued for a while now. With enough distance, I thought it time to cautiously give it a try.

I was able to obtain a small, older mini bottle of My Sin. I didn't want to be stuck with a huge bottle of the stuff, and I was certain it would be a scrubber. Well, I was wrong. Holy hell I do love a good wallop of civet and vetiver and My Sin delivers both with enthusiasm. It is also loaded with neroli.

For some reason, I was expecting a heavy Oriental-I was waaay off. I was sure I'd smelled My Sin at some point, but I'm now convinced I had not-I can't imagine forgetting something that smelled this incredible. The rose note in My sin is deep and concentrated which together with the musk creates this...I don't know...emotional note that really could drive a person to all sorts of sin. How this could be discontinued while they continue to sell Eclat Arpege migraine-in-a-bottle is beyond me.

Notes according to Fragrantica:

Civet, aldehydes, ylang ylang, musk, neroli, jasmine, rose, orris root, narcissus, woods, clary sage, lilac, lily of the valley, styrax, vetiver, tolu balsam, clove, bergamot, vanilla, lemon.

I wish My Sin lasted a bit longer on my skin (I have incredibly dry skin) as I need to keep re-applying to catch that intense whiff of civet, musk and rose. I get about four hours, tops which is too bad because I don't feel comfortable dousing myself in a discontinued fragrance. I try to wear the scarce stuff responsibly. That said, I'll be looking to stockpile because once I gave My Sin a try, I couldn't imagine not having it in my collection. I'll be giving it plenty of wear this winter.

There are many, many reviews of My Sin throughout the perfume community so I'm probably not telling you anything about it that hasn't already been said better. What I will stress instead is the importance of revisiting things you'd written off years ago as a dislike. Memory can be wrong, likes and dislikes can change. I regret all the time My Sin wasn't in my life. I'd better get busy...sinning.


Bibi Maizoon said...

If you're ever in the market for a newer gorgeous floral with a hefty dose of civet finagle yourself an exclusive invite to the dark & mysterious JAR alcove at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan. Ask to try "Fermes tes Yeux" - be forewarned it's only $800 for a 30ml bottle.
Or you can get a 1/4 ml sample at Surrender to Chance for $10.99.

Goody said...

Oh, I know about JAR, and I also know that I need to stay away from Bergdorf's! I will put it on my decant list though-thanks for the suggestion.

Bibi Maizoon said...

I just put on some EA's Green Tea w/ Yuzu I bought in Miami. It was sunny today so I thought it would be refreshing.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?
What is this smell?
Is this the 'Shedd Aquarium in need of cleaning' note that Goody wrote of?
I get green tea, a mild citrus note & something amine like & a bit fishy. Not like heavy duty fishy like canned mackerel or poor quality tuna. Not the fresh ocean breeze of the tiny red caviar I love. LOX. Cured & cold smoked salmon. That's what it is.
Some cream cheese, a sprig of dill & a bagel & I'm set!
This is just too weird. Into the rubbish bin with that $4.99 Marshall's purchase.
Wait, maybe I can gift it to the owner of the new sushi restaurant in Kathmandu?
Just a thought.

Mim said...

I wear Arpege occasionally, and my dance teacher really liked it so I gave her a sample - she wants her own bottle now! I've never tried My sin, but it does seem to have a good reputation.

Goody said...

I'll stay away from it! Danny likes the green tea line (honeysuckle, camellia,etc.)but he doesn't have that one.

Don't you feel like a drug dealer turning people onto perfumes? "Hey man, the first one's free."
If it weren't so impossible to ship perfume overseas, I'd send you some of My Sin (but I can't, so I guess I'll have to send you my love ;)

Be getting my hat and leaving now...