Thursday, September 15, 2016

Apple Time

This weekend is the annual Applejack Festival in Nebraska City, Nebraska. I do enjoy a visit to the orchard in autumn, and with the additional activities around town it makes for a pleasant way to spend the weekend. Nebraska City has a particularly good Civil War museum with a small but well selected collection. This weekend they will be offering help tracing Civil War ancestors in your family (well, not in mine of course but Mr. ETB's family have been here since Colonial times). There will be quilt shows, car shows, arts, crafts, antiques and all sorts of apple-related foods to enjoy. Can't make it to Nebraska City in time for this year's events? Start planning next year's visit. We'd love to see you.
Over the years I've accumulated several apple-themed pieces of vintage. The glass necklace above was purchased some years ago, but the earrings were something I picked up last year. I have some faux apples purchased at the craft store so there's a good possibility there will be yet another hat made this year. I have a glue gun-and I'm not afraid to use it!

 The other event on this weekend (Friday and Saturday) is the annual Garage Sale to benefit the Sarpy County Historical Society Museum. This is another gem of a museum we're lucky enough to have nearby, and I always enjoy a visit to see what they've added. The garage sale features donated items and in recent years I've been fortunate enough to come home with vintage sewing notions, lamps, brooches, shoes, and books. It is always best to get there early on the Friday for the best selection, but there's always something good on Saturday as well (no idea if they hold out items for the second day or not). It is a cash only operation, but worth the trouble of planning ahead-and the prices are so low you won't require much to fill a bag or two with great items. I'm planning to go Friday, then spend Saturday and/or Sunday at the Applejack festival-but of course I've learned not to set plans in stone.
Outfit Particulars
Vintage back neck-zip nylon polo neck-Thrift World
Vintage JC Penny Towncraft Jacket-Thrift World
Vintage denim skirt-Goodwill
Socks-At least 20 years old, can't remember
Vintage shoes-Thrift World
Vintage Valdrome shoulderbag-Hand-me-Ups
Belt-Shop Ko
Glass Apple necklace-Goodwill(?)
Apple basket earrings-Et Cetera, Seward
Enamel bracelet-Filene's (about 25 years ago)
Fragrance-Habit Rouge Dress Code (as flankers go, it is rather good)

 Let's be honest-nylon isn't the most forgiving fabric for a pair of 36DD knockers. I either need to invest in better bras, or keep the jacket on.
Well, not keeping the jacket "on" in the traditional sense of course as we discussed yesterday, the new way to look like an idiot wear your jacket is off the shoulders. Like so. I give this fad until the first frost when people come to their senses and pull up their coats in a nice wind-blocking defensive gesture. 

Hope your weekend is as exciting or dull as you'd like it to be. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

I recall wearing knee socks ad Famolares (however you spell those wavy bottomed shoes) in the 70's. Usually with corduroy culottes though. I actually had some double t strap navy shoes like that too, I think they were Buster Browns. Very late 70's authentic bourgeios look you've got going on there.
The Apple festival & museum garage sale sounds like a blast! Be sure to show us all the treasures you find!
This Eid mutton-a-palooza is finally over. We have like 3 goats in the freezer. Now starts the big Hindu holiday here in Nepal Dashain (It's called Diwali or Deepawali In India.)

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

It sounds like you might be having a fun filled weekend! I hope you get lots of lovely bargains.

Your socks so reminded me of when I began to be fashion conscious at about 13 or 14 years of age and began to 'pimp' my school uniform. Long patterned black socks were de rigeur and not white ones. I once wore my brother's boy scout or cub socks which were black (cool) and had green stripes (school colour).

Loved the apple themed jewellery.

I'm a 36F so I understand the issues...

Have agreat weekend


ThriftyParka said...

Apples! Yum!! Nothing nicer than walking around an apple orchard (well,
As long as there are no pesky bears about). Whew! Apples, museums and a garage sale.
Sounds like heaven!!

Can hardly wait to see your finds!

Happy thrifting ;)

Vix said...

Those shoes and socks! I want! I love this look on you, can't see any bra issues from here.
That apple themed jewellery is tremendous. you've just reminded me that I've got a 1970s Charlie silver apple pendant filled with solid perfume (I loved Charlie as a teenager). I must dig it out.
Dying to see what treasures you purchased in the sale. Happy hunting!xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Sports bras are The Answer: discovered them when I was learning to jump horses. Besides, wearing them there's no chance of catching a glimpse of oneself in a bedroom mirror and thinking, "Where did I put the helmet with the horns...?"

The apple-hunting, museum-exploring, garage sale hunting-and-gathering ensemble is tres sportif! The Noah's ark bracelet is enchanting!

Polyester Princess said...

Your apple jewellery is so cute, and I'm loving your shoes too! Wishing you happy hunting at the garage sale, and hope it will be as successful as the flea market I've just come back from. xxx

Goody said...

If you want a good recipe for goat tamales I have one in the archives ;)

My DAD once wore my Girl Scout socks to work without noticing! Needless to say, they were kind of stretched-out after that.

@Thrifty Parka
Thankfully, no bears in Nebraska (or moose). The worst we might encounter would be a mountain lion.

I still love Charlie, even after it was reformulated. I sort of remember those solid perfume pendants...*shuffles off to eBay looking for one*

I have real problems with sport bras-any brand you'd recommend? I end up wearing a minimiser to wear for running, which works to keep me in place but doesn't have much moisture wicking.

You always do so well at sales and flea markets I doubt I will even come close.

Mim said...

Ah, the curse of giant boobs.

(I was going to add, "I feels for ya", but no, not after mentioning boobs!)

I like your apple jewellery. Our town apple festival has just been cancelled, which is a shame as it's very small but a nice event.