Monday, September 19, 2016

Needs a Nice Cutlas

Somehow, I think a belt this size requires a sword. As I tried to accessorise, I came to the conclusion that a sword, and perhaps pirate boots are the only possible things that would work here. The big earrings and Ceil Chapman brooch seem too out of place. Unfortunately, the costume shop closed (and right before Halloween!). I'm going to miss that place-they had the greatest selection of vintage in town, at prices I could afford. What's more, the employees were the best. There aren't many places I go that I leave in a better mood than I arrived. RIP Fairytail Costumes-you will be missed.

What the photo doesn't show is the brushed nylon trim on the neckline and cuffs of this dress. I suppose the designer was going for a suede look, but it doesn't quite achieve it. As early 80's dresses go, it isn't terrible (and worth the .49 cents I paid for it) but I think I will cut off the top and turn the bottom into a skirt. I might be able to salvage enough of the neckline for the waistband. I don't know why, but brushed nylon, and the wrap of the top just makes me think, "Bathrobe." Still, "Teal is teal" and I do love teal. Sometimes I make exceptions for a nice colour.
Outfit Particulars:

1980's nylon dress-Goodwill
1980's belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage Ceil Chapman brooch-yard sale
Earrings-Can't remember
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
I found this scrawled on a box at a yard sale! I really wish I knew the story. I'm an old lady, and love a bit of gossip.

I gave myself a haircut this morning. I long for a proper haircut, but can't escape the feeling I'd be paying someone to do a worse job than I manage myself. I see a lot of chopped-up looking hair walking around on heads in Omaha, and I suspect that look is deliberate. A bob isn't difficult to do but I've yet to see anyone sporting one I'd want on my own head. Every six months or so, I give it a cut with my crappy shears. I am *this close* to giving myself a pixie and being done with it. 

Outfit Particulars:
Ann Klein dress-Goodwill
Vera Bradley quilted purse-Goodwill
Cut-out lace-effect jacket-Sequels thrift store
Shoes-Thrift World
Bangles-all over
Necklace-Et Cetera
Vintage Sara Coventry earrings-Garage sale
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Vent Vert

We ended up skipping the Apple festival due to the fact the orchard ran out of apples (kinda makes an hour drive pointless) but I did make it to the Sarpy County Garage Sale at the museum. It was great! I came home with so much costume jewelry I'm not sure where to put it all. At between .25 cents and a dollar it was worth stocking-up. I think that will require a separate post. It was loads of fun, and I can't wait to do it again next year.
 Finally, I was looking through a cooking magazine from 1975 when I came across this ad. For all you avocado newbies, here's what Americans were doing with them in the mid-70's.
I've never run across Snap-E-Tom.  All we got in Chicago was V-8 or Clamato.

Well, what do you know? We made it through Monday. Onward!


Bibi Maizoon said...

An apple fair that ran out of apples? How'd that happen?

That teal dress looks like a knock off of the one Gloria Vanderbilt supposedly "invented." Hilary Clinton used to wear a lot of teal, now she's gone all frumpy chic with her pantsuits.

Those are some sizzlin' HAWT black patent leather peeptoe shoes there for an 'old' lady! ZOWIE!

We used to drink Snap-E-Tom all the time in California. It's probably too hot & spicy for you MidWestern types though.
Lotsa jalapenos in it! Bloody Marys made with it were called "Bloody Marias." (Har de har har, isn't that cute?)

I'm ready to pixie my hair in this heat, if husband wouldn't have a fit I'd do it. Not sure what his problem is - when he met me my hair was bleached & shaved into some Billy Idol looking 'do.

ThriftyParka said...

My goodness you're looking like a sexbomb in that Anne Klein dress and peep-toe heels!

You did a FAB job on the haircut!!!

What! Fairytale is closing??? No!!!

Happy thrifting ;)

Curtise said...

Fabulous frocks, as always. Despite your bathrobe description, I rather like the neckline on the teal dress!
I too am an old lady who loves gossip - so what's going on with you?! I've got some catching up to do... xx

Vix said...

You totally rock teal, you look wonderful. I agree with you, I'm happy to dismiss a bit of naffness if I like the colour although your plan to remake that dress sounds like a plan.
The other dress is a beauty. Respect for wearing those killer heels, I'd be in accident and emergency with a broken hip if I attempted them! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

I rather like the teal dress (I'm forever being seduced by certain colours or patterns, even when the cut of the dress doesn't do anything for me), but the other dress is my favourite. I love how you accessorized it with the stack of red bangles and the killer heels! I'd never attempt to cut my own hair. I did try once when I was about 18 and it ended in disaster. You are very brave! xxx

Mim said...

Can't wait to see what your jewellery bargains are like - they'll last longer than apples, that's for sure.

How sad that the costume shop closed down. It's so gutting when nice shops go. I can see why the belt might need a sword. Rapier wit will have to suffice.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

That teal dress is lovely and looks great on you. It's a shame about the brushed nylon though; it's not a very nice fabric close to your skin and it bobbles as well. I do think the wrap style suits you and that belt is absolutely amazing.

The red, black and white ensemble is gorgeous and get you in those killer heels!

The garage sale sounds like heaven.

Have a great week and be doing anything weird to avocados, please.


Beth Waltz said...

My vote is to spare the teal dress: no such thing as too much teal! Inspired by those patent-leather heels -- absolutely nothing bathroby there! -- perhaps a simple black patent-leather belt would work? But have you got a black hat with feathers that curl down over one shoulder? Now that's a pirate look for you!

The avocado ad is a hoot, yet I do remember seeing them for the first time in a tiny small town grocery labelled "avocado pears."

Goody said...

The orchard had a bad crop this year, so they were rationing the apples for the fair. Hardly seemed worth going for a couple pounds of apples at most.

@Thrifty Parka
The shoes are remarkably stable for such a high heel. There's a bit of platform under the toes, which helps.

Mwwwwah. It is so good to hear from you.

I know you would do an incredible makeover on the dress. My sewing skills are very rudimentary.

I wear my hair in a very simple style that is difficult (but not impossible) to ruin. If I needed layers or anything precise, I wouldn't be able to manage it.

I ended up buying so much stuff because the prices were so good. I expected the earrings to have loose clips, etc. but was stunned to find everything in good condition. I suspect the "Gossipy Old Ladies" don't really know the value of vintage costume jewelry.

No avocados for me-I have an allergy to latex, and they're in the same family (along with mangoes, bananas, and most melons). I do like the sound of Bibi's Snap-E-Tom "Bloody Maria's" though.

Sadly, no pirate feather hats...but I have a budgie that can sit on my shoulder. Aye, Matey!

Avocado pears sounds *almost * familiar, like calling pomegranates, "Chinese Apples."