Sunday, September 04, 2016

Oh La La Sassoon

When it comes to the early 80's looks, my immediate thought is to wear the pieces as I would have at the time. The thing is, that would look stupid (on me-your mileage may differ). Combat boots and kilts have been done (and done, and done) so I went looking for a way to re-work the 80's pieces in my collection without looking like I was headed to an 80's themed party. Enter, the vintage Sasson jacket.

The early 80's jackets were a bit shorter without being boxy, and the shoulder pads hadn't quite reached the absurd proportions we saw by the end of the decade. These jackets are still wearable with more modern styles, and have the advantage of looking good with wide-legged trousers.
I tried to keep the 80's influence down to one item of clothing, and an accessory. Wide belts are having a moment again, so I went with that as my showpiece accessory. I like the use of red and green together (not just for Christmas) though it would have been a tougher sell to my younger self.
My younger self was, by the way, an idiot-so who cares what she would have thought?

Outfit particulars:

1980's Sassoon jacket-New Life Thrift
90's kilt (part of a suit)-Goodwill
Vintage belt-Hand Me Ups
Earrings- K Mart
Antique Celtic brooch-antique mall in Western Massachusetts
German-made shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Skull ring-Walgreen's
Red bakelite clamper bracelet-Salvation Army
Rhinestone bracelet (really a choker) Gordman's
White linen blouse- K Mart
Fragrance-Knize Ten (I was looking for my bottle of Bandit, but couldn't find it and went for Knize Ten instead. I'd forgotten how much I love it)

 Red and green? Yay or nay? And would you trust your younger self about anything? I need to know. Tell me!
Should read "Yea" . That'll teach me to blog and talk at the same time.
They learned us real good talkin' at skoool.


Bibi Maizoon said...

"If women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." -Red Green
For some reason that came to mind. Those Canucks did the Duck Dynasty thing before & better than we Yanks ever did.
No, I would not trust my teenaged 80's self with any fashion choices much less the primer grey '65 Mustang I was driving at the time.
Bravo! You've made red, green, & plaid look neither like parochial school uniform, a military tattoo, nor Xmassy! (Well it sort of looks Xmassy but not in an obvious way.)
Speaking of holidays & dressing up we're going to be butchering goats here in holy fashion this weekend! How festive is that?
Om Shanti!

Mim said...

I say YAY. You look fab. It is a very perky yet smart outfit. Dare I say it, Heathers (in a good way).

ThriftyParka said...

Love red and green! I wear that combination regularly myself.

Tartan and a skull ring! Genius!!

Oooooh! I'm covering that Celtic shield broach.

Happy thrifting ;)

Goody said...

That sounds like one hell of a cool car.

I intended to type, "Yea" but then my brain and fingers had a disagreement. I used to have a brain. Long ago.

@Thrifty Parka
Halloween is my favourite time to stock up on accessories.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

What a lovely jacket and the belt is perfect with it. I haven't worn a kilt since the 1960s; when they were mini kilts and worn with short jumpers and I did have a couple of kilts in the 80s but they were quite long - mid calf I think, and probably not very flattering.

They were bought outside a dry cleaners where they were selling off all their unclaimed dry cleaned garments. I wore those kilts regularly to work. My younger self thought I looked great. My older self says Nooooo!

Have a great week


Polyester Princess said...

That jacket looks fabulous with the kilt. Red and green? Definitely! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The kilt, the skull, and the broach combo is the antithesis of boring retro scheming! This is exactly the garb that prompts me to compliment the wearer and then invite further conversation (usually in the produce section, near the jicama or kohlrabi slices).

Vix said...

Great outfit and gotta agree with Mim with the Heathers reference.
I hated most 1980s fashion in the 1980s and wore 1950s jumble sale dresses hacked to mid-thigh with nail scissors and second hand Doc Martens that's until I saw Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. xxx

Goody said...


You know I love a good kilt-even the long ones. How lucky to have found a dry cleaner selling them off (makes you wonder how anyone could just forget them).

Thank you-I was afraid it might look too school uniform if I wore a navy or black blazer.

Ha! You have some "exotic" produce down there in Indiana. Kohlrabi would be far too fancy in Nebraska. Jicama...well, you couldn't bring it to a church picnic. "Oooh look, Mabel brought that funny raw Mexican potato. Elmer must be moving up in the world."

Isn't it incredible how a pair of manicure scissors can solve most fashion dilemmas (sometimes just on the way out the door)?

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You're nailing red and green. It's a combo I haven't managed to master - would probably help if I actually had some red in my wardrobe eh? I recently bought a black denim 80s jacket, the biker style with the diagonal zip and belt. I can't stop wearing it I love it so much probably coz I always wanted one back then and couldn't ever afford one. I love that you're re-navigating your way through the 80s, you're killing it and I love the lace ups! xoxox