Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hat's Entertainment

I just looked at the calendar and realised opera season is about to begin. Film Streams carries the Met simulcasts, which is nice. The local opera company has an interesting programme this year, though they have considerably less money to work with than the met. I was secretly hoping Danny would be over it  by now, but eh, whatever. it would be far worse spending my Saturdays watching football..., I mean...Go Big Red! (Shhh, I don't want to be exiled from Nebraska for admitting I don't like football).
This dress looked better before the hem started falling down. That happens with vintage, but I do honestly feel it is worth the constant repairs to wear something I enjoy. I don't find much enjoyment in jeans and fleece pullovers even if they are more practical.

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage rayon dress-Fairytail Costumes (RIP)
Faux lamb jacket-Goodwill
Vintage handbag-a thrift store in Western Massachusetts decades ago (it is starting to show wear)
Shoes-American Duchess
Vintage hat-Hand-Me-Ups
Brooch and beads-both yard sales
Earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Lentheric Miracle
 I swear the hat didn't look that lint covered in person!

I'm torn whether to polish the brooch or leave the antiqued patina. As I'm a lazy person, I'll probably leave it alone.
"Did someone say, Squawk-tober?"

 Nature has been putting on a show as the days are shorter and cooler.
The sorrel the dragonfly is perched on was cut back ten days ago. I've never had anything grow as well as this sorrel. It overwintered in a large bag bed covered with a fleece, and at the first signs of spring was off and growing. I need to plant the winter garden this week (Spinach, kale, purple sprouting broccoli, etc.) but the insects have been so vicious I don't dare go near. We have these itty-bitty beasts called, "Pirate bugs" that are biting/stinging midges. They show up when the corn comes down and man, are they ever aggressive. I'm covered in welts from them. One more reason to look forward to a good, hard frost.

Anyone else do a winter garden? I'd love to hear what you're growing. 


violetlene said...

that outfit has great fall colors.

We are learning about Native Americans and planting Indian corn (for homeschooling).It will be interesting to see how far it can grow in a Texas "winter".

Radostin said...

The print and colours of that dress are gorgeous!

Sue said...

We are lazy in Winter and don't grow much at all, the odd cabbage but that is it. Unless you count my Lemons!! TOF is digging his patch over getting ready to plant it up, salad stuff and strawberries. Love you nature photos.

Polyester Princess said...

I know the problem of falling down hems very well but I agree it's definitely worth it. At least, these hems fall down due to age, which is understandable, but back in the days before I bought vintage, I had the same problem with newly bought garments too ... As for the brooch, I would leave it as it is. Oh, and I don't like football either, and I would be proud having a son who likes opera! xxx

Propagatrix said...

I'm getting ready to rip out the tomatoes and put out some lettuce and mustard greens. The fence will have its usual crop of peas and beans. Collards survived the freak heat wave this week and are already grateful for the shorter days. On Sunday I'll put in the onion sets.

Checking out the Met season: ugh, Wagner; yay, Rossini; ooh, new Finnish dude.

Vix said...

I'm so glad I've moved the sewing machine up to the spare bedroom where I keep my clothes, they're always in need of running repairs, especially maxi skirt hems brought down by an errant heel!
That dress is gorgeous on you and about a gazillion times more attractive than a fleece and a pair of jeans.
Love football when it's the World Cup, don't understand American Football - during my brief career as a cheerleader I had to be elbowed in the ribs when it was time to celebrate (I only did it for the pompoms).
Winter pansies, cyclamens and ornamental cabbages for us! xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Fabulous outfit; what a lovely colour the dress is and the bag is fantastic.

Danny likes opera? Go, Danny, go! It sure beats football - its wall to wall football in my house with 3 grandsons who are all football fanatics...

We may be giving our allotment up as OH just doesn't have the time to keep it in hand; I'm afraid I'm not a gardener and regard gardening as just another chore except for the planting of flowers; so no, I don't think we'll be growing anything edible this winter.

Hope you have a great weekend


Bibi Maizoon said...

Bump up the saturation on that black hat photo & that lint will disappear.
Love that adorbs hat anyway!
Cricket, cricket, more cricket, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, and the continental version of football = soccer in the US are all that get watched around here. Did I ever tell you Indians love cricket?
I vote for the antiqued patina too.
It's cooling off here but we're still getting some late Monsoon rains. I think my turnip & radish seeds I planted rotted from all the water. Collards, turnips, daikon radish, cilantro, kohlrabi, and more marigolds are what I'll be planting when it gets drier.
We have red dragonflies here too. I was glad to see them swarming over the mosquito infested swamp/vacant lot next door. California dragonflies were blue, green & copper colored.
Accidentally disturbed a banded hornet's nest the other day in the garden, still smarting.

Miss Magpie said...

I'm dithering over whether to dig over the vegetable patch here, as we are only here short term there's no point in doing loads in the garden but I figure I could put in some stuff to harvest before we have to move out......

Goody said...


That will be interesting-I suppose if it is in a sheltered spot, it might do OK (If the birds don't get it).

Thank you. Brown and black aren't an obvious combination, but it is growing on me (I'm almost always able to find shoes and handbag to match).

That lemon tree of yours is incredible. I have a stubborn lime that refuses to bear fruit. I'll look forward to seeing your lettuces in that beautiful tiered planter.

It really is shocking just how poorly made modern clothing is. It drives Danny mad when we're in a store and I turn hems up to see how they are finished before buying something, but I won't pay good money for something "finished" on an overlocker (unless it is a tee-shirt).

I'm the only one in the family that likes collard greens, so I don't grow them but I'll bet yours will be wonderful.

Yeah, nothing says, "Happy High Holidays" like sitting through Tristan and Isolde :)

Goody said...

I think we need to make you a tee shirt that reads,
"I Only Did it For the Pom Poms."

I don't blame you. If I had to travel to my garden, I wouldn't bother either.

We have a large Indian community in Omaha, and they have cricket teams.

Oh man, If I had a swarm of hornets after me I'd be dead (probably from the heart attack before the stings!). I hope you're better soon.

@Miss Magpie
Quick growing annuals might be nice, and let you enjoy the garden for a bit.

Mim said...

I like the antiqued look on the brooch - and if it gets more worn, it'll just look more like itself.

No winter gardening here, though we have chopped the magnolia right back.